undercover-boss-cancelled-renewed-cbs-season-fourMore information to fill the lists for cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012. And this is still all about CBS, because the network has renewed almost every show in a single announcement, and now I am reviewing the non scripted renewed shows. CBS renewed Undercover Boss for the fourth season of the US version of this British show that has become a solid reality tentpole.The series was a ratings success for the network, with its premiere episode receiving 38.6 million viewers and a share of 32%. The first season was the most popular new show in any genre in the 2009-10 television season with an average audience of 17.7 million viewers, so, even though numbers are not the same now, the show is healthy and on its way to coming back for a fourth run, after CBS renewed Undercover Boss officially.

What is Undercover Boss About? Plot Synopsis

Each episode features a high-ranking executive or the owner of a corporation going undercover as an entry-level employee in their own company. The executives alter their appearance and assume an alias and fictional back-story. The fictitious explanation given for the accompanying camera crew is that the executives are being filmed as part of a documentary about entry-level workers in a particular industry, or a competition with another individual with the winner getting a job with the company. They spend approximately one week undercover, working in various areas of their company operations, with a different job and in most cases a different location each day. They are exposed to a series of predicaments with amusing results, and invariably spend time getting to know the people who work in the company, learning about their professional and personal challenges.

At the end of their week undercover, the executives return to their true identity and request the employees they worked with individually to corporate headquarters. The bosses reveal their identity, and reward hard-working employees through promotion, or financial rewards, while other employees are given training or better working conditions.

What do you think? Are you happy CBS renewed Undercover Boss for fourth season?

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