reasons-watch-cougar-townOk, we have been waiting for this moment. Cougar Town is back!

I know I liked Mr Sunshine, but it´s time already to watch Cougar Town again…

And well, this week will be a two episode week for CT… not bad, huh?

Well, honoring that decision from ABC, I will list Ten Reasons why you should be watching Cougar Town; and if you are not yet… then start!

Ten reasons to watch Cougar Town!

1- Courteney Cox as the leading lady

I have Courteney Cox in the top ten of leading ladies on TV and very well deserved. You perhaps only remember her as Monica and cannot change that image. Well, she is Jules Cobb and that´s a whole different character, a whole different lady, one who´s not so obsessed with cleaning and one who´s very funny also.

2- The supporting ensemble

Arguably the best… but if we are not into arguing mood, let´s just say, one of the best to say the least, and everybody happy: Christa Miller, Busy Philipps, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez and Brian Van Holt. They click on every level. They are chemistry at the finest!

3- The Creator and Showrunner

Bill Lawrence created this show alongside Kevin Biegel. The names do not ring a bell? Bill Lawrence is the man responsible of bringing Scrubs to life! And here, that kind of humour is well alive.

4- The Title

Ok, the title sucks… Everybody knows it… that´s what´s best… the showrunners also know it, and they tease themselves, they auto mock, they changed the titles sequence from Welcome to Cougar Town to Badly Titled Cougar Town or It’s Okay to Watch a Show Called Cougar Town as some examples.

5- The Tom Petty Connection

I really don´t know if Tom Petty is a friend of Bill Lawrence, or if he´s just a fan or what… but every single episode of Cougar Town is named after a Tom Petty or Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers song.

I´m looking forward to seeing Tom Petty guest starring on the show. That´d be awesome.

Also, I´m looking forward to an episode named after one of Tom Petty´s Mudcructh songs.

He was also named in one episode where Jules describes Josh as among the top 10-15 people she has met, which includes “Tom Petty and Colonel Sanders”.

6- The Community Contact

Busy Phillips, Bill Lawrence, Christa Miller are all very active on Twitter, interacting with fans. The others members of the cast are also on Twitter, a little bit less active though.

7- The recurring cast

They are not in every episode, and they don´t need to be. But when they are, they surely leave a mark. They are fun-neh!

Bob Clendenin´s Tom, Jules’ widowed neighbor who expresses his attraction for her in weird ways; LaMarcus Tinker´s Kevin, Travis´roommate, Collette Wolfe´s Kirsten, Travis´girlfriend and Carolyn Hennessy´s Barb, the only reminiscing character to the Cougaring days of the show.

8- The Pairing

Cougar Town is generally paired up with Modern Family. So that´s a one full hour to laugh. And that´s something to always look for on TV.

9- The Change of Concept

Getting the hell away from the Cougary part was probably one of the best moves in TV in the last few years. Hats off to that decision!

10- The praising of friendship

I know there´s a lot of incorrectness in the show… but the main value behind it is Friendship. That´s always good.

Bonus Track – The Lines

Cougar Town Quotes are hilarious.

What do you think about these ten reasons to watch Cougar Town? Let me know in the comments section.

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