texas-multi-mamas-premieres-wetvWhat could come up from a mix between Kate plus 8 / 19 Kids and Counting with The Real Housewives of wherever / Dance Moms? (After all, it´s like Shawn Spencer said it: “We are all the Real Housewives of somewhere“)
This new show from WE TV called Texas Multi Mamas that premieres Tuesday December 27 8 PM.

What is Texas Multi Mamas About? Plot Synopsis

“Texas Multi Mamas” follows a group of young moms who planned to have one baby but came home with two, three or four.  Having bonded in a support group for parents of multiples, Candace, Casey, Suz, Tonia, Teryn, and Stephanie help each other strike a balance between managing their large broods and having some big girl fun for themselves.  But like any group of women, sometimes their help turns to meddling and their kids’ fights in the sandbox become the least of their worries.  When one faces a crisis in her marriage, will the group splinter or be able to survive?

Remember, Texas Multi Mamas premieres on December 27 with back to back episodes at 8pm ET/PT and 9pm ET/PT.

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