Thanks-for-Picking-Up-My-PoopI´ve already reviewed Biscuit for your thoughts, a photography book with philosophy from dogs. And now, let´s take a look at this other Ulysses Press photo book with Photographs by Mark Rogers called Thanks For Picking Up My Poop, Everyday Gratitude from Dogs.

The good thing about this kind of books is that you will end up with a smile after you read them. Even though I am more of a cat person, these animals talking books are always fun, and you´ll read them in one sitting.

In this book, there are 50 full color pictures of dogs reacting to something and captured in the exact moment when their expressions say it all; then, they pair those pictures with a quote from that dog. (Well, what the dog is maybe thinking)

There are funny lines like: “A warm bath cleanses both the mind and body”… you need to see the pic besides that quote!

There are heartwarming lines like: “Taking the Leap is Easier with you there to Catch Me”.

There are the optimistic lines like: “If you know the song, always feel free to join in”.

There are the ones pun intended like: “Paws and enjoy the art all around us”.

Book Info:

Complete Title: Thanks for Picking Up My Poop, Everyday Gratitude from Dogs

Author: Mark Rogers

ISBN: 978-1-61243-495-7

Book Link and where to buy it? You can visit the official page here.

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