Among the best things to do in Orlando: Themed Dinner Shows. I´ve already told you all about Pirate´s Adventure Dinner, Outta Control Comedy Dinner and Sleuths Mystery Dinner. Well… now this big one: Medieval Times Dinner in Orlando. This show is certainly unique and is very much worth it to pay the price of admission! A two hour trip down the past to the middle age of a Spanish Court, where you, the audience are another one of the members of royalty, where you will enjoy the ability of the courageous knights of the court.

Medieval Times Dinner Orlando Florida

Medieval Times Dinner Orlando Florida.
Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo

– The experience starts even before getting in the venue, as it looks like a castle from the outside, when you are inside you can see a sort of “Medieval musuem” in the lobby, and then you move to the arena, which is huge.
– You will be seated in one of the section surrounding the arena, and that is the section of the Knight you will end up rooting for.
– Everything looks like it is from the past, and you are even offered food to eat with your bare hands, as in the past.
– You will get a crown as a souvenir and you will use it during dinner… after all, you are a member of the royalty.
– In the show, you will se the King, the Queen, the Princess, Six Knights, Six Squires and Six Horses… and the bad guy.

– There is the vibe of a basketball court, where everybody cheers for his Knight.
– As I said, the venue is huge and I bet they can serve 400 guests per show, I recommend you make a reservation anyways.
– Food was very tasty, especially the meat. The only low point in my opinion was the soup, though.
– The show is fast paced and anyone in the family can enjoy it, the little ones and the big ones… and even if English is not your main language, you will have fun.

– Of course everything is choreographed and all, but the talent of the actors is big. They make you feel like in a real tournament.
– If it´s your birthday, the King will salute you.
– Remember to tip generously.
– There is a merchandising store… if you go with kids they WILL want something.
– Parking is free and spacious.
– If you are from Latin America, take note: In the US dinners are very early. They start at around 7PM. Make your plans accordingly.

A great option to visit during a quieter day, as you´ll be in time to get to the dinner and you won´t be too tired.

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