bachelor-pad-season-three-premiereSo, we had one for the Sci-Fi fans, one for the dance fans, and one for the cooking fans, now it´s time to talk about those reality TV cravers, since tonight marks the comeback for The Bachelor Pad on ABC 8 – 10PM.

Fan-favorites, arch rivals and villains from the “Bachelor” franchise reunite under one roof for a second chance at love when ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” returns for a third season. But this year, and to make things more interesting, participants who have never appeared on “The Bachelor or The Bachelorette” will be included.

In addition to former cast members, five “Super Fans” will be joining the house to live and compete for the chance to win a quarter million dollars.

The Bachelor Pad season three contestants are:

  • Lindzi Cox (from Ben Flajnik´s Bachelor season)
  • Blakeley Jones (Also from Ben Flajnik´s season)
  • Sarah Newlon (from Brad Womack´s season)
  • Jamie Otis (from Ben Flajnik´s season)
  • Erica Rose (from Prince Lorenzo Borghese´s season)
  • Jaclyn Swartz (from Ben Flajnik´s season)
  • Rachel Trueheart (from Ben Flajnik´s season)
  • Brittany and Erica Taltos (newcomers)
  • Paige Vigil (also newcomer)
  • Donna Zitelli (another newcomer)
  • Chris Bukowski (from Emily Maynard´s season)
  • Ryan Hoag (from DeAnna Pappas´ season)
  • Reid Rosenthal (from Jillian Harris´ season)
  • Kalon McMahon (from Emily Maynard´s season)
  • Nick Peterson (from Ashley Hebert´s season)
  • Tony Pieper (from Emily Maynard´s season)
  • Michael Stagliano (from Jillian Harris´ season and also winner of The Bachelor Pad 2)
  • Ed Swiderski (from Jillian Harris´ season)
  • Chris Bain (Newcomer)

Who will you be rooting for? Head to the comments and let me know. Also, follow me on Twitter for more The Bachelor Pad scoop.