lets-talk-bumI always wanted to be an Ambassador, but the authorities in my country didn´t seem to think I am either protocolar enough, or qualified, or supportive of their politics, I guess. But the dream still went on. I had to look elsewhere for the chance to become an Ambassador. And changing my nationality was too much paperwork… paperwork… paper… wiping… then BOOM! The idea came like a lightbulb, I should be an Ambassador for a brand specialized in wiping. Enter Cottonelle. And the dream becomes true. So, from now on, for a little while at least, I can proudly say that I am a Brand Ambassador for Cottonelle, for their #LetsTalkBums campaign based on the disposable wipes product. Not only because of the FTC regulations I wanted to make this article, but also because if we are going to talk bums I want you folks to know upfront that I´m in this. After all, there´s no clean bum if we keep a secret in our hearts. (Philosophical, huh?). I am a blogger specialized on Television, and you know there´s a lot that needs to get wiped out of TV, and that´s one of the approaches we could take, but if you´ve been reading SeriesandTV for a while now, you know I´m all for the positive, so we´ll talk about the Bums on TV and the best TV moments that happened on toilets and wee-wee rooms. I debuted my Stand Up last week, so I am extremely new to this, therefore that´s another chance. Whenever one of my jokes is bad we can do a little wiping of it. All in all, this post is to let you folks know I´m working in this campaign and getting compensated by Cottonelle for participating in it. But we´ll surely enjoy it. So now, without further ado… #LetsTalkBums
And to start it, why not, this video from the campaign