miranda-cossgrove-icarly-good-wife-arrested-dui-spoilerMiranda Cossgrove could be the exact opposite of Lindsay Lohan, right? But she, in her TV Alter Ego, will be much closer to the popstar.

Miranda Cossgrove has been cast to The Good Wife as Alicia’s newest client, Sloan, a troubled pop star who is arrested on a DUI charge.

Miranda Cossgrove joining The Good Wife is going to be nice to see, in order to watch how she handles the role.

Over the course of a paparazzi-packed trial, Alicia finds herself bonding with the misunderstood tabloid magnet.

We´re used to watching Miranda Cossgrove as iCarly, a nice and good kids / pre-teens show on Nickelodeon; but this one is a grown up role in a grown up show for her and that´s always good news.

As The Good Wife Executive producer Robert King says,  “We’re big iCarly fans, so we really couldn’t think of anyone better for this role than Miranda Cosgrove, We were thrilled when she agreed to do it. It’ll be fun to see her handle both the comedy and drama in the role, and we can’t wait to see how she’ll play across from Julianna.”

Are you going to watch The Good Wife with Miranda Cossgrove playing a popstar who gets arrested for DUI? I surely will.

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