the-road-trip-jo-lynn-crozier-book-reviewI am an agnostic, I have to say that upfront, but that does not make me avoid books about God, since it is a matter of interest, and the power of what faith can do for someone is undeniable.
Last month I reviewed the book Shadow of Serenity, that is targeted to Christian audiences, but is in escence a good novel. In this case, The Road Trip, by Jo Lynn Crozier is much more of a religious book than that one. Therefore its target much more specific even.
The story is simple: Liz, the main character is invited by God to do a Road Trip on a sidecar and travel through different places and learn in the process. God invites an ordinary woman to travel with him on a life-changing road trip. Along the way, they encounter fantastic beings, heavenly houses, and extraordinary communities that Liz could never have imagined. But this is no vacation. God has a lot to teach Liz, and behind all the whimsy is a deeper spiritual message with real-life applications. Buckle up and join God and Liz on the journey of a lifetime.
The metaphors are easy to read and understand, and the morals of the story could be extrapolated to just good raising in values.

Who do I recommend this book to?

Christian families that want to explain or want their children to read about values.

How to buy The Road Trip by Jo Lynn Crozier?

You can buy it here.

It could make for a very nice Christmas gift.