One of the greatest actors nowadays is Tim Roth for sure… well he´s starring the new bet of Fox to compete against Lost.

Even more… Lie to Me beat Lost in some targeted audiences yesterday. Shocking? Perhaps not so much.

Lie to Me stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, one of the world’s premiere experts on detecting lies.  He runs his own company, and gives lectures to police forces, special agents, and a wide variety of other institutions.  Of course, he also gets called in on the odd case, because that’s where we get our show.

Combining the best parts of The Mentalist and House M.D., Lie To Me manages to still be original and entertaining while it borrows from some current fan favorites. In fact, I’d say that the mood, characters, and plot pacing are totally of it’s own thing, but the show has a formula that owes just a bit to the aforementioned shows. With Tim Roth manning the ship as Dr. Cal Lightman, no one can get one past him.

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