Every time you are planning a vacation you want to have restaurant options at hand that are good quality, and have the ability to fill our bellies while also our souls, making us enjoy more the experience and the city we are visiting.
In this review, I will tell you about three of those options we visited while on our trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Top restaurants in Fort Lauderdale reviews

The view from S3 restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

Boatyard – or how to eat while relaxing on the side of the canal

Very close to the hotel we were staying in (Lago Mar), we found this restaurant called Boatyard. With a complete and varied menu, you can sit inside or on the deck canal-side, looking at the yachts and understanding why Fort Lauderdale is Venice of the Americas.

You can have lunch, dinner and also brunch at Boatyard, as well as sip some drinks. My recommendation for the best time to visit is in the afternoon just before sunset.

You will enjoy this restaurant if:
– You are a couple for a romantic dinner. It is perfect for a date.
– You are a group of friends.
– If you are a family, I´d strongly recommend a table inside, as there are no fences in the docks and the deck, and I wouldn´t relax with kids running around amok without fences towards the canal.

Some noteworthy comments about Boatyard:

– The parking lot is big and free. Boatyard is inside a plaza, so you can park there and enter the restaurant.
– For us, being from Argentina, we are used to late dinners, and for a restaurant in the US, it has late dinner options, up to 11 PM Monday through Thursday, until Midnight Fridays and Saturdays, and 10 PM on Sundays.
– Portions are on the bigger side and prices are mid-tier.
– Location: 1555 SE 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale.

Louie Bossi´s – Italian Restaurant in Las Olas Boulevard

Italian restaurant in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, right in the best area for walking and getting to know downtown and the hipper areas.
Even though most people can get Italian food in their area, it is always a safe bet and a popular option as you can hardly go wrong. In the case of Louie Bossi´s, you definitely don´t go wrong.
The menu has tons of options, ranging from pizzas, salads, soups, calzones, pasta, and charcuterie. At night you can also get meat and fish on the menu.
The beverage menu is also wide and includes beer, aperitif, and wines from Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, United States, Mexico, Belgium, Argentina, among others.

Some noteworthy comments about Louie Bossi´s:
– It has both inside seating area and an outdoor patio.
– Prices range but I´d qualify them as mid-tier. Meats are a bit more expensive.
– Portions are medium sized. Not those gourmet things you end up starving, nor a Texas-like portion that will have you battling to end it.
– Working hours are very convenient, as they close at 1 AM Sunday through Thursday and 2 AM Fridays and Saturdays.
– Location: 1032 East Las Olas Boulevard, Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Sun, Sand, and Surf (S3) – Beachfront restaurant

The third option I´m introducing is S3, A.K.A. Sun, Sand, and Surf, a beachfront restaurant, right in front of the sea and the public beach nearest downtown. The view and the breeze marry the food in a lovely experience. What else can you ask for while on vacation?
The restaurant offers a wide variety of sushi and seafood. While having also salads, soups and classics like your good ole mac & cheese, burgers, wraps and more.
The drink menu includes mixology, wines, sake, beers, lemonades, and juices.

Some noteworthy comments about S3:

– During the day it is very relaxed, during the night it has music and cocktails for a night out and about.
– Portions are smaller, yet not gourmet-like, and prices are mid to top-tier.
– Mondays through Thursdays it´s open until 11 PM, Sundays until 10 PM, and Fridays and Saturdays kitchen closes at midnight, but the bar remains open until 2 AM.
– Location: 505 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard

Let me know if you enjoyed them.