top-ten-crashes-90-drop-dead-gorgeous-2012Ok, so if you were, like me, a teenager in the 90´s, you probably had the same TV crushes I did. Well, it´s time to check those crushes and see who of those are still looking as Drop Dead Gorgeous as they were then (or even better).

Let´s see them all.

Top Ten 90´s TV crushes who look drop dead gorgeous in 2012

alyssa-milano1- Alyssa Milano:

Seems like she has been with us for a long long time, and well, she has. She started as a child star, then turned into this extremely gorgeous woman we all had crushes on when a witch on Charmed, and now have you seen her? She was insanely beautiful on My Name is Earl, on Castle, and on anything she´s been lately like Romantically Challenged or coming soon on Mistresses. She is also the Twitter Queen @Alyssa_Milano, and if that´s not enough, she likes sports, and even wrote a book about being a baseball fan.


tiffani-thiessen2- Tiffani Thiesen

She was the everything on Saved By The Bell, making tons of teenagers fall in love with her. Then she moved to Beverly Hills 90210 to become the bad girl, but hot as can be. Oh those lovely 90´s.

In the last decade she was the boss lady on Fastlane and was incredible to watch her. Now, she is playing the wife every man wishes to land on White Collar. And did I mention she is as gorgeous as ever? Well, in case I didn´t say it enough, she is!

madchen-amick3- Mädchen Amick:

She started the 90´s in what is probably one of the best television shows ever: Twin Peaks. She finished the decade on Fantasy Island, and we can assure you, if Mädchen Amick is on an island, it can very well turn into fantasy island in no time.

Lately, she played a criminal on Psych, Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger. And dare I say it, she can make Joey Tribbiani fall in love, and she can make almost everybody else too.

stacey-dash4- Stacey Dash:

She is not only as gorgeous as she was when Clueless in the 90´s. She looks as young as then.

Those piercing eyes, that contagious smile and that perfect skin same as almost twenty years ago. I mean, have you seen her on Single Ladies lately? If not, you should, and then tell me if I am mistaken or not. You´ll agree with me on this one in a heartbeat.

jaime-pressly5- Jaime Pressly:

Ok, she was the kind of girl you wouldn´t believe was actually possible to exist when on Jack & Jill, and she was paired with Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson, so you know you need to be gorgeous to stand out.

But when she incarnated the ex wife of Earl on My Name is Earl, she also proved to be one of the best comedy actresses around. Now she is not showing off as much as she could on I Hate My Teenage Daughter, but I certainly know she has It!

jennifer-love-hewitt6- Jennifer Love Hewitt:

Ok, you should have seen this one coming, right? She melted everyone´s heart on Party of Five, then moved on to her own spinoff show, then started talking with Ghosts. She did all those things as one of the most beautiful women around. I also had the chance to meet her on a Hot in Cleveland filming session last year, and yes, she´s also beautiful in person, and as a person. Jennifer Love Hewitt was, is and will be the awesomest most gorgeous girl next door on television.

sarah-michelle-gellar7- Sarah Michelle Gellar:

She will always be Buffy in our never growing teenager eyes, although most of us fondly remember her as Kathryn Merteuil too.

Now we can see double of her as Siobhan and Bridget in Ringer, and I, for one, don´t mind twice as much of Sarah Michelle… heck, I´d take a Commodores´ Three Times a Lady if the lady is Sarah Michelle Gellar, wouldn´t you take thrice as much?

jennifer-anistoncourteney-cox8: Jennifer Aniston / Courteney Cox:

There were those who crushed on Rachel, there were those who crushed on Monica. Both deserved a whole lot of crushing, and both still do. Jennifer Aniston is making films more beautiful with her being on them, and Courteney Cox is making Cougar Town even more enjoyable to watch.

jessica-biel9- Jessica Biel:

Having her on the list doesn´t even seem fair. She has been chosen the sexiest woman alive, and rightfully so. But she´s been getting people to fall for her ever since those Seventh Heaven days, and even turned a slasher movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre into a beauty fest by strolling on camera. As I said, seems unfair that she´s on this list, since she is yet to turn thirty, but she´ll do that next week, so…

Oh those days as Mary Camden are still a fond memory.

lucy-liu10- Lucy Liu:

She was Ling Woo in fan favourite show Ally McBeal. She was one of the crazy characters on the show that we loved so much, and she looked drop dead gorgeous then. She was the hottest Charlie´s Angel, and she was paired with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, and she is looking so fine in Southland as Officer Jessica Tang. So it´s a safe bet to say, she´ll also make for a Dr Watson to watch and enjoy in the new reinvention of Sherlock Holmes story that´s coming soon.

So, what do you think about these Top Ten 90´s TV crushes who look drop dead gorgeous in 2012? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Who deserved to be in that I missed? Should I change the order?

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