ten-reasons-to-watch-Common-LawCommon Law premieres its pilot this Friday May 11 at 10/9 C. And as usual with this good premieres and new shows, I am listing the top ten reasons to watch it. In this case, it was easy to find ten reasons, and I already marked the schedule to watch Common Law episodes. And so here, it´s my pitch to you, so you too add it to your plans of TV watching. So unless there´s a Spurs game at that moment, I´m watching Common Law for sure, and if you like good police shows with a twist, or you like what the cabler has brought to you already, you should too.

Top Ten Reasons To Watch Common Law on USA Fridays 10PM

1- It´s on USA Network
The same network that brings Psych, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Necessary Roughness, Royal Pains, Fairly Legal and Suits, and that has never cancelled a new show.
2- It has Penny from Lost as the therapist.
Oh how I missed Penny!! Sonya Walger plays Dr Emma Ryan and it´s always good to have someone with a British accent too. And her smile is one of the best on TV by far.
3- It has Action
Their are detectives and very good at it. So as you can imagine, there will be tons of action too.
4- It has Weirdeness and fun
The fist bump in the first scene marks the way to expect a lot of these tiny moments that will make for a very special show.
5- It has Eye Candy
For all kind of eyes, there will be candy. And the best thing is, the show is not based on that, just a bonus.
6- It has the Travis character
I know USA is all about The Characters. But the Travis character takes two minutes to have you rooting for him. Superbly done.
7- It has the Wes character
The tough guy with a wall hard to cross. A perfect pairing to Travis.
8- It has the The Anti-Bromance
I see them being the exact opposite of White Collar´s Neal and Peter, and it will make for good TV.
9- It has The cases
It´s always good to have a solid procedural with a twist on TV.
10- It has The writing
It´s funny, and it´s witty.
Bonus Track: The Music selection!

What do you think about these ten reasons to watch Common Law? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.
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