Top-ten-reasons-to-watch-HBO-Eastbound-DownOk, so, Eastbound & Down is a great show, and many of you already know it, and Eastbound and Down premieres Sunday September 26th on HBO, as our TV Comeback Calendar tells.

The show is starting its sophomore season, and you should not miss the first season of Eastbound & Down (Or catch up if you missed it), but you may be wondering… why is this guy from Series & TV saying that Eastbound & Down is a worth watching this fall?

Well, that´s why I´ve compiled the top ten reasons why you should watch Eastbound & Down this fall.

Top 10 reasons to watch Eastbound & Down

1- The Cast of Eastbound & Down:

Danny McBride and John Hawkes are just too damn everything of what´s good on TV.

2- The Story

Years after he turned his back on his hometown, a burned-out major league ballplayer returns to teach phys ed at his old middle school. Classic!

3- The Guest Stars

Will Ferrell and Craig Robinson among others who enrichened the show beyond the regular cast.

4- The Teasers & Trailers

Folks at HBO did a great job in promoting the show, and when you watch the trailers for Eastbound & Down, you´ll know what I mean.

5- The Creators

All three of them, Danny McBride, Ben Best and Jody Hill are newcomers, but sure as hell talented.

6- Superbad Heritage

Both Ben Best and Jody Hill are Superbad Alumni, and that can only mean something good.

7- Location, Location, Location

Hometown, little town… taht gives it a lot of creative room for the writers. And they surely take advantage of it.

8- The Political Incorrectness

Such as this quote from Eastbound & Down: Ashley Schaeffer: I had a dream about this moment… When I was making love… to my wife Donna. On top a her; powerful thrusts, filling the sultry night air. Heavy breath. My son Gabriel walked in, little boy. My wife sprung out of bed and said “No, Gabriel! Leave!” And I said “No, honey, shut your mouth, let him watch.” Let him watch what is being consecrated here. And I want the people to watch what is going to be consecrated here. And I will bring my son down here, and he will watch.

9- The Network

HBO has given us Six Feet Under and The Sopranos. Probably two of the best top ten series from last decade and even two of the best series ever. And they keep delivering, with shows like Entourage, Bored to Death, Boardwalk Empire, and, of course Eastbound & Down.

10 – The Ampersand in the title!

Ok, maybe this is not a big reason, but here at Series & TV we´re keen on Title Ampersands.

So… did I convince you? What other reasons do you need to watch Eastbound & Down? What other reasons can you think of to recommend the show to a friend?

Let me know in the comments section.

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