true-beautyBoth Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks are considered beautiful. True. Anyone who´s seen any Tyra Banks in bikini photo would agree; anyone who´s check out That´s 70´s Show and Punk´d star would too…

So, they join forces in new Reality TV Show by ABC True Beauty.

It´s a mix between America´s Next Top Model and Big Brother. The series will determine the True Beauty of six stunning females and four handsome males who will live together in a spectacular Los Angeles mansion as they undergo a series of challenges to determine who is truly the most beautiful, explains

What´s the catch?

Each episode will showcase an outer beauty and an inner beauty challenge, during which contestants will be judged on everything from how well they perform in photo shoots to how well they respect their elders. The three judges will observe and critique the contestants’ behavior and eliminate one person each week. Only after someone is eliminated will the truth about the show be revealed to him/her, as they watch a video montage of their behavior captured by a hidden camera during the shoot.

The prize?

After nine weeks, the winner takes money in cash… but that´s not really the important part… The winner also gets a spot in PEOPLE magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue.

Let the challenge begin.