ashley-michaelson-lThe thing about Reality Shows is that you don´t know any of the participants until at least half of it. Unlike a movie or a TV Show, where the stars are the ones who compell you to watch it.

ABC has just released Season One Premiere of True Beauty, a search for the most gorgeous of them all…

It involves ten people, six gals and four guys.

Let´s start with Ashley Michaelson, according to the show´s homepage:

Age: 21
Occupation: Designer’s Assistant
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Ashley Michaelson lives the life of a budding socialite, complete with a pet Chihuahua and $4,500 dresses. While Ashley was captain of both the soccer team and the cheerleading squad in high school, she says she had a hard time socially. She believes the other girls envied her for her beauty. But since high school, being beautiful has made life very easy for Ashley. She is prepared for any question thrown at her, most likely due to her pageant background (Ashley was runner up in the Miss Teen NY pageant). Ashley admits that her true intentions are often hidden by her sweet smile. People may think she is a “spoiled brat” but Ashley claims that only “half of that” is true. Despite her appearance, Ashley says she only goes to the gym 5 times a year.

Do you like Ashley Michaelson? Do you think she is the “True Beauty”?