poppy-montgomery-dylan-walsh-unforgettable-cancelled-renewedHow things can change in only a year, in only one TV season, as CBS cancelled Unforgettable last year, only to bring it back after the new shows weren´t as good as to take its place, but now, this year, there was no hesitation and CBS renewed Unforgettable quite early indeed.

Now, the order for the Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh starrer comes with 13 episodes to be produced and set to be aired in the summer of 2014, after managing to make 8.1 million viewers in average and a 1.4/4 in adults 18-49 on Sunday nights.

Now, this show will get closer and closer to becoming a solid veteran, and a steady summer presence for the Eye network. A great cast and crew deserves so, and you know that having more Poppy Montgomery on television is always a good thing, so how can one disagree with the decision to bring back Unforgettable for one more run? And I bet many are also happy to have more Dylan Walsh too.

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