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In what is probably the best news of the year for good comedy, The IT Crowd once again appeared on our TV screens with an original outing called The Last Byte, a full hour episode that serves as the long awaited swan song for one of the funniest comedies ever from British television. And as I am used to do here on

best-quotes-it-crowd-last-byte, I am showcasing the best quotes from The IT Crowd special The Last Byte for you to enjoy and remember whenever you want.

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Best Quotes from The IT Crowd special for The Last Byte

Moss: You´ve done it, you finally found a woman I can do business withbest-quotes-it-crowd-last-byte
Roy: No, don´t say things like that.
Moss: I´m sorry. I am just excited for us.

Barista: You´ve inspired me.

Roy: Have you seen this video of the baby speaking french?
Moss: It went viral at 10:30. Of course I´ve seen it.
Roy: I must have been in the toilet.

Moss: Oh Jen, exciting news. I´ve just uploaded the new episode of my board games best-quotes-it-crowd-last-bytereview show. Care to have a look.
Jen: That was fast. Seems like yesterday I had to sit through the first one.
Moss: That was three months ago, Jen.
Jen: Really? Feels like it just happened. Roy? Did you hear? Moss uploaded a new episode of his board games review show.
Roy: I´m not watching that. I´m not watching that again. Jesus Christ, we don´t have to watch it, do we? We only sat through the first one the other day.
Jen: It was three months ago
Roy: My God. It feels like it just ended. It was so boring! It was like being insane! It was so insanely boring!
Moss: Roy is not a fan, but you´ve said you liked it.

Moss: You explicitly said, and I quote: “You must show me the next one, Moss”

Jen: If I said I was going to watch it, then I suppose I´ll have to do it.
Moss: That´s the spirit Jen.

Jen: How long is this?
Roy: Even hearing it is bad. I need to stop hearing it.
Jen: I can´t do it. It´s unbearable.

Jen: None of you are any good in front of the camera.

Douglas Reynholm: Sexy and classy, that´s the hardest thing to make.

Moss: Thank you for the virgin Gin & Tonic.
Douglas Reynholm: I suppose you can call it tonic.

Moss: Sometimes I feel a lack of confidence.
Douglas Reynholm: Ha.
Moss: I know it sounds a bit silly.
Douglas Reynholm: No, I just realized what a funny voice you have.

Douglas Reynholm: Confidence is a confidence trick. Look at me, what do you see?
Moss: A man who inherited his father´s successful business.

Douglas Reynholm: I´m wearing women slacks.
Moss: That´s nothing close to what I thought you´d say. I thought you were going to give me a book recommendation or something. Douglas Reynholm: Hahaha, book recommendation? I can´t even read.

Jen: You are being a small people racist.
Roy: A small people racist? That´s not a thing. You can´t have small baristas.

Jen: That´s not what people do, Roy.
Roy: I´m not people, Jen And I think that´s a good thing. I´m not afraid to cut through the bullshit.

Roy: Oh, funerals are sad.

Jen: You are not emotionally autistic, you are emotionally colorblind.

Moss: I´m here on purpose. I´m interested in women slacks.

Moss: I think you just sold a brother some slacks.

Moss: Need to save that old woman, but I have no confidence.

Roy: Small people are not a race. It´s not Game of Thrones.

Douglas Reynholm: There are places lower than the basement.

Moss: Oh, Michael Bublé is here.

Roy: I´m gonna have to look convincingly sad for most of the day. She´s not going to expect me to cry, is she?
Moss: No.
Roy: What if she does? I can´t cry on cue. What to do then?
Moss: Do what I do when I need to cry. I use a mild pepper spray solution.
Roy: Now that makes sense. That makes more sense than having to feel something.

Roy: It wasn´t a successful funeral for me.

Jen: I have lot more followers on Twitter.
Roy: Lot more followers.
Jen: SOme of them are very abusive.
Roy: A lot wish we were dead.

Jen: We can use Twitter to explain ourselves.
Roy: Yeah, Twitter is the perfect place to explain a complex situation.

Jen: You don´t have to have propper grammar on Twitter.

Roy: And now Anonymous are after us.

Roy: We pissed off the Internet. The Internet is coming to get us.

Roy: Do you ever have the feeling that things that happen to us are strange.
Moss: How so, Roy?
Roy: Well, remember when I had to pretend to be disabled and ended up in Manchester. That wasn´t a normal thing to happen, was it? Or when you ended up spending the night in that arcade machine. That was not.
Moss: I suppose those were unusual events.
Roy: And this is strange, what is happening to us is strange.
Jen: Well, at least it will be over soon.

Moss: What do we normally do?
Jen: We make things worse and worse and then it ends.

Roy: I am probably going to die in front of my computer watching pornography.
Moss: I´ll just draw a sad face.

Jen: You see what we can do when we work together, with my business acumen.
Moss: My scientific know how.
Roy: And I´m also here.
Jen: We can do anything.

Moss: I need a trouser break.

So basically, it was the perfect end for one of the best sitcoms ever. What is your favorite IT Crowd quoteFollow me on Twitter or on Pinterest for more of the best quotes and memes from television shows.