charlie-harper-charlie-sheen-character-dies-spoiler-two-half-menWell, so much of the turmoil around Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen… Chuck Lorre apparently, as TMZ reported, decided Charlie Harper dies on Two and a Half Men season premiere.

It´s not such a big spoiler, and it was something many expected, as a safe way for Lorre to make sure Charlie Sheen does not come back to the show ever.

In the CBS comedy’s season premiere in September, the episode will reveal that Charlie Harper has died. Among the scenarios that co-creator Chuck Lorre and the other producers are mulling include having Charlie Harper drive off a cliff and die.
Although the first show won’t be filmed until August 5, producers have been kicking around scenarios for Charlie Sheen´s character Charlie Harper´s death on Two and a Half Men, and it´s looking like Charlie drove a car over a cliff.

There could be a lot of different scenarios to part ways with Charlie Sheen that don´t involve Charlie Harper dying, but that would open the door for Charlie Sheen to come back someday, or the audiences to ask for him, and that´s something Lorre would not want at all.

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Photo credit: TMZ