uncle-john-impossible-question-bathroom-reader-book-reviewWhere has this collection been all of my life that I just recently discovered it? I am its demographic, I am the kind of guy who takes the books to the John to read them, and what better than books already prepared for that? A book that has the right length of a chapter to avoid leg numbness, and enough to accommodate all of our “delivery” needs. When I went to Book Expo America last year I brought some of these Bathroom Reader books home to test them. And they waited and waited for me to go through all of my pending books list, until I got to them, and now, let´s talk about Impossible Questions, the first one I read. The book has tons of trivia information to use when on a barbecue you are left with no conversation topic, when you need to break the ice with a comment.

In the end, Impossible Questions from Uncle John´s Bathroom Readers Institute is a great option to have and to read especially if you are not big on books with plot and rather like bits of information.

You can buy this book entering this link.

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