Psych - Season 7A huge moment for Psych has arrived, after Carlton Lassiter found love last season with Marlowe, now they are tying the knot, in the very much awaited episode of Lassiter´s wedding, called Deez Nups,  where the gang attend Lassie´s wedding at a casino resort, where a crime boss crosses their path and puts the nuptials in jeopardy.

Let´s remember we are fresh from Psych´s 100th episode and after that the Cirque Du Soleil homage episode, and now, Lassie´s wedding, you know the show´s on a roll.

As I always do when a new episode airs, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from it.


Shawn: My mobster name would be Frankie Friction
Gus: That sounds like a porn name
Shawn: Nope, Chubby Pumpalove sounds like a porn name

Gus: Will you plan your whole wedding in a day?
Lassiter: Yes, because I have male parts

Lassiter: What can I say, I have one speed and it´s Full Throttle

Marlowe: Come on, say hi to the girls.
Lassiter: I´d love to, but I´m unarmed

The Bachelor party for Lassiter starts and the Bachelorette party for Marlowe starts too.

Stumpy: Stumpy Five, tiny toilet one.

Chief Vick: I´m the Chief of Police
Big Wendy: And I´m the Chief of making bitches do shots

Shawn: This place is like Vegas
Gus: A little smaller
Shawn: And I guess the escorts are going to be a bit daisy, but then again we haven´t really started drinking yet
Gus: Criteria is bound to change
Shawn: We can look but cannot touch

Gus: His friend´s an idiot, but then again, it´s nice seeing Lassiter loosen up

Woody: Where´s Stumpy?
Gus: Somewhere disappointing Jesus, I guess

Jules: Marlowe, what´s wrong? We can get another stripper

Shawn: Wow, this guy has tickets to a Michael Damian concert

Mobster: We got him, but that Santa Barbara cop that looks like Mr Bean got him

Woody: I´m sorry, but she smells like biscuits

Shawn: I have an idea. All is not lost. how much do you trust me?

Rizzo: Catch me if you can dirtbomb

Lassiter: It´s impossible, no one could´ve jumped from this window, it´s too high.
Gus: Spiderman could´ve

Lassiter: My God I love you

Lassiter: Guard her with your life. That´s not hyperbole

Lassiter: Good work Spencer, I owe you one

Lassiter: Did you miss me?
Herbert: Not particularily

Gus: Your best man is a tool

Psych-carlton-marlowe-marriage-memeLassiter: Bromances are overrated

Big Wendy: I feel like Kunta Kinte

Lassiter: Marlowe Vicellio, you have given me something to believe stronger than the NRAA code of ethics

Shawn: Pop, I saw you do the Humpty dance with Woody

Jules: I won´t be able to Wang Chung until we clear it out

Shawn: I´m good at what I do, and what I do is good, isn´t it

Jules: Are you telling me all of this is a lie?
Shawn: Please, don´t make me answer that

What a Cliffhanger to end the episode on a high note!


Shawn: Frankie Friction – Chubby Pumpalove

Lassiter: Assiter – C-Dog – Pony Boy – Prince Carlton

McNab: Morningwood

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