Psych - Season 7Psych continues in its quest of being awesome week after week after week, and they are accomplishing such feat tremendously this season, having surpassed episode 100 a few weeks back with 100 Clues, now they came with a circus themed episode homaging Cirque Du Soleil, in the episode called Cirque du Soul in which, after Gus is tasked with taking care of his girlfriend’s son Maximus for the day,things don’t go as planned and jeopardizes their relationship when an innocent trip to the circus turns deadly.

As usual, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from the episode.


First of all, Marlowe is freed.

Shawn: My psychic powers usually don´t kick in unless someone is missing for over 48 hours, unless of course that person is Eddie Murphy from the movie 48 hours, but sadly I think he´s lost forever.

Shawn: What´s up Rach? Ray Ray? Chel? Professor Willard Dick Peterjohnson?
Rachael: Do you have a problem with Rachel? It´s a classic girl´s name, like Shawn.

Rachael: If you run out of subjects you know you can always count on Star Wars
Gus: The originals or the prequels
Rachael: C´mon son
Gus: C´mon son
Rachael: C´mon son
Gus: C´mon son
Rachael: C´mon son
Gus: C´mon son
Rachael: C´mon son
Gus: C´mon son

Shawn: She is doing your C´mon sons?
Rachael: Oh come on Shawn, don´t be such a Filipino Steve Perry
Shawn: Wait, that doesn´t make sense at all

Gus: Quick, say something to your mom as a proof of life
Maximus: What?

Woody: Juliet, wouldn´t you know any currently single women that are living?
Jules: You know what? I´m gonna give that some serious thought.

Shawn: OMG, WTF and JTT
Jules: Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not an acronym

Rachael: Still here Shawn, and I´m not a Leprechaun

Shawn: Jules, don´t be ridiculous, no one would risk their lives for that much chewing gum
Jules: Tridium

Gus: I´m tired of your mouth writing checks that my ass has to cash.

Shawn: Gus, this is my tenth message. It´s more than Mikey left for Nicky in Swingers.

Gus: I know you hate Tito Jackson´s birthday

Shawn: Still no word from Rachael, huh?
Gus: No, she went all Halle Berry on Boomerang

NICKNAMES ON PSYCH S07E06 cirque du soul

Rachael: Rach – Ray Ray – Chel – Professor Willard Dick Peterjohnson – Boo

Lassiter: Honey Bear

Shawn: Ornthal James Simpson – Doctor

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