A Romance is Born?

House MD – Season 5 Episode 12 Painless comes back in a few days, on January 19th. And we may see a lot of Foreman and Thirteen romance, or, as many are calling it: A lot of Foreteen. Well, House MD, nominated for the Golden Globe Awards is all about love lately.

So I want to ask you which House MD romance are you most fond about?

Is it Chase and Cameron romance?

Is it perhaps one date wonder Gregory House and Cameron affair?

Doctor Lisa Cuddy and Gregory House love denial relation?

Was it tragedy bound Doctor Wilson and Amber Volakis romance?

Or you are a fan of Stacy and House´s couple?

Maybe you root for Taub and his wife to make it?

You are wondering about Kutner´s way with the ladies?

Or maybe, just maybe you can´t wait for next House MD episode, to know all about Eric Foreman and Remy Thirteen Hardley´s love affair?

I know I can´t wait…