dexter-quote-4-memeIf you are not watching Dexter, you are certainly missing on one of the -at least – top five shows on television these days. And season seven, for all that matter is truly an amazing journey. Getting Yvonne Strahovski to join as Dexter´s new romantic interest in an episode called Do The Wrong Thing followed by Chemistry and last week with Argentina.

Since folks at Showtime sent me the episode to watch in advancement I am going to write a bit about it, but, as usual, I am only going to talk about the first few minutes of the episode as not to give away spoilers on this week´s Dexter.

The episode is Dexter S07E09 Helter Skelter, written by Tim Schlattmann and directed by Steve Shill in which Dexter is preoccupied with Isaak still on the loose, but an internal struggle within the Koshka Brotherhood could work to Dexter’s advantage. And while Miami Metro is on the hunt for a Phantom Arsonist, Dexter goes to great lengths to protect his relationship with Hannah, asking a favor of Debra that causes her to question her loyalty to Dexter.


The previously on Dexter segment ends with Debra´s love confession to Dexter.

Dexter: Love and fear can make you do crazy things.

Hannah: Could you maybe stop for a minute.

Hannah: A complete stranger saved my life instead of my father.

Hannah: Ever been that scared?
Dexter: No.

Dexter: It was work, there´s a body I have to go back.

Isaak: I´m gonna need some help.

Isaak Sirko: Relax, you are safe… as for me, I wish I could say the same thing.

Dexter: You don´t seem like someone who needs help

Isaak: What I need is the element of surprise, and that, Dexter, is you.

Dexter: What´s in it for me?
Isaak: Your life
Dexter: I´ll take my chances
Isaak: Very well.

And that´s up to ten minutes in the episode. So that´s as far as I am going to go so I don´t give spoilers on Dexter S07E09 Helter Skelter episode.

What do you think? Will you watch Dexter next week? Do you think, like me, that LaGuerta may be killed off soon? Let me know in the comments section. Also, follow me on Twitter for more Dexter´s scoop.