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Good TV is back! Well… set your calendars, since White Collar comes back on Tuesday January 18th 10/9 C on USA. (It´s a new time slot)

And comes with back to back episodes! I already told you all you needed to know about White Collar midseason premiere Burke´s Seven.

And if that wasn´t awesomeness enough. We get to go eight years back and see Mozzie with a goatee and hair. And a very much  (in the flashback) alive Kate on White Collar. Yes. I´m not lying. Folks at USA sent me a screener of the episode.

Best Quotes from White Collar S02E11 – Forging Bonds

Neal: Few secrets are good. Keeps the mistery

Peter: Full immunity for what you say from now until morning

Neal: If we are gonna talk about Adler, we need to talk about Mozzie
Peter: Why am I not surprised

Neal: Where´s your partner?
Mozzie: Left him. I need an upgrade

Neal: Who says they are forgeries?
Mozzie: With the place you live in. I do

Peter: This kid has future

Neal: What was my nickname
Peter: James Bonds

Peter: Lose the stach?
Elizabeth: Yes Magnum. Love you anyways

Mozzie: I´m more of a behind the scenes guy

Mozzie: The irony on this wouldn´t get pass Alanis Morisette

Neal: I love a good challenge

Kate: Remind me again why I let you make my necklace dissapear
Neal: Because you love magic

Vincent Adler: I believe in second chances miss Hunter

Neal: I´m not gonna apologize. It´s my job to catch you. It´s your job to not get caught

Alex: Nate Holden. It´s a nice name. Not yours. But nice

Neal: I thought you´d be in Chicago
Kate: It was a big step in the wrong direction
Neal: Why?
Kate: Because you are here

Neal: Every con has an expiration date

Mozzie: I say finish this job and move on

Vincent: Some say dress for the job you want; I say dress for the man you want to be

Neal: You like the hat?

Kate: You just blinked, and I´m still here

Mozzie: Every conman gets his heart broken once

Kate: You just tried to con me

Peter: She´s hiding from him. He doesn´t know where she is

Neal: I lied to you about a lot of things, Kate. But I never lied about loving you

Neal: Agent Burke
Peter: Neal Caffrey you are under arrest
Neal: I know… thank you. I never would have found her if not for you

Peter: I found you when I knew what you wanted most. What does he want most?

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