american-idol-logoOk, we just found out who the 36 finalists of American Idol who get the chance to perform so people can vote for them are:

We just reviewed the complete list of 36 American Idol finalists, but who are performing on American Idol next tuesday February 17th?

  1. Casey Carlson
  2. Stephen Fowler
  3. Jackie Thon
  4. Ricky Braddy
  5. Anne Marie Boskovich
  6. Brent Keith Smith
  7. Alexis Grace
  8. Michael Sarver
  9. Stevie Wright
  10. Danny Gokey
  11. Tatiana del Toro
  12. Anoop Desai

Now it´s time for the audience to make the decisions. Who will be the Next American Idol?

From this group, I´m voting six as the frontrunners and six as the long shots:

Candidates to make it to the top 12 of American Idol Season 8:

  1. Danny Gokey (One of my top candidates to actually become the next American Idol)
  2. Casey Carlson (She will take the male voting)
  3. Anoop Desai (Geek and talented… what´s not to love in him?)
  4. Michael Sarver (The blue collar worker story)
  5. Brent Keith Smith (He´s just cool)
  6. Stevie Wright (She´s young, she looks good, she sings well)
  7. Jackie Thon (She´s the soul… but I doubt she has really a chance)
  8. Anne Marie Boskovich (Still in her shell)
  9. Stephen Fowler (His mishap at Hollywood leaving the song may not help him)
  10. Ricky Braddy (Editing wasn´t in his favour… we don´t know nothing about him yet… that can´t help him)
  11. Alexis Grace (I love her, but I truly can´t see America voting her in)
  12. Tatiana del Toro (Perhaps it´s a wish… but please, let next week be the last time I see her ever)

So… what do you think? Who will be in the top 12 of American Idol out of this first group?