Here are the best quotes from Season 5 Episode 14 The Greater Good of House MD.
Unlike usually, many of them are not said by Doctor Gregory House in what we could call House-isms… but, as always he gets his fair share of great quotes too.

  • I can´t die if I hadn´t been happy yet.
    Dana Miller (The patient)
  • I´m going to do my job… doesnt mean I´m going to do it happy.
    Lisa Cuddy to Gregory House
  • You´re not here because it makes you happy… but because it makes you feel good.
    Gregory House to his team
  • Thank you rationalization man… you saved the village.
    Gregory House to James Wilson
  • How can people like me fight, when people like you walk away?
    James Wilson to Dana Miller
  • You need radiation… not ritual sacrifice.
    Gregory House to Remy Hadley (Thirteen)
  • What he does is who he is… and the same goes to you.
    James Wilson to Lisa Cuddy
  • I´m embracing my ignorance.
    Chris Taub to Lawrence Kutner
  • I´m not apologizing because you´re dying, I´m apologizing because you´re right.
    James Wilson to Dana Miller
  • Let´s hope running marathons was not on her happy list.
    Gregory House to his team
  • Go to bed happy tonight.
    Dana Miller to Chris Taub

So… what was your favourite House MD Quote for Season 5 Episode 14 The Greater Good… also known as House MD´s 100th episode!!