oh-sit-cancelled-renewed-cwEvery year there´s a show that is surprisingly added to the list that I wasn´t expecting in the lists of cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, and this is the case. The CW renews Oh Sit! for a second season of the musical chairs game show.

This game show still has the first season finale to air next week, but is already been announced as a show that comes back in 2013.

The show was first named Extreme Musical Chairs, and later renamed Oh Sit! and is presented as a high octane musical chairs competition. The show averaged a bit shy of 1 million viewers during its freshman run, but that managed to get a comeback order, granting Oh Sit! a renewal order for 10 more episodes slated for summer of 2013.

Phil Gurin, who also created ABC’s Shark Tank and The Singing Bee, Richard Joel and Deena Dill are the creators of the series and all 3 also serve as executive producers.

The show is hosted by Jamie Kennedy and Jessi Cruickshank.

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