Psych-interview-manu-ginobili-james-roday-dule-hill-shawn-gusI had the chance to have an interview with James Roday and Dulé Hill from Psych. And as you all know, I´m doing the full lists of aliases and nicknames on Psych, so I wanted to talk with them about how they come up with new Nicknames, and then the talk wandered a little to one of Roday´s and mine passions, NBA Basketball and The San Antonio Spurs. So we talked about Manu Ginobili´s injury.

Here´s what we talked about:

Guillermo Paz:    Hi, guys. How are you?

James Roday:    What up?

Dule Hill:    Hey, how you doing?

Guillermo Paz:    Great, great. Thanks. Thanks for doing this interview. I had the chance to preview “Heeeeeere’s Lassie” the other day, and of course Fellatio Del Toro had me laughing at least five minutes when I saw it. How often do people in the streets or anywhere come up to you or the writers and suggest new nicknames for you to use on the show? Or how do you come up with those nicknames?

James Roday:    Well, you know in the very beginning, it – I was just pulling them out of my behind to make Dulé laugh, mostly. And then they really caught on, so with our writing staff. And now there is never any shortage of options for Gus’s nicknames, along with alternatives aliases in every episode.
And I do think the fans have embraced it as well, and send in suggestions, and we hear those sometimes too. It’s a – it’s been sort of a fun give and take that if you’d told me back in the first season that it would become what it was, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. But it’s been a good time.

Psych-interview-manu-ginobili-james-roday-dule-hill-shawn-gusGuillermo Paz:    Yes, it sure have been. While we are at it, I have one suggestion, you being a Spur fan and all. How about my name is Timothy Duncan and This is my partner Manu Ginobili?.

James Roday: I think you just go with a couple Spurs, man. You don’t have to sell me, man. I bleed black and silver, my man.

Guillermo Paz: I’m not so sure, Dulé would be happy though to be named a Spur. You know what I’m saying?

James Roday:    Dulé would not. Dulé would want to be – I don’t know who he’d want to be this year. (Matt Barnes), maybe? That’s…

Dule Hill:    Maybe (Matt Barnes)? Yes, sure, I’d be (Matt Barnes), you know. We could go old school. I could be (Norm Nixon).

James Roday:    It would be great if Manu could stay on the court and out of his three-piece suit, but he’s still a heck of a player.

Guillermo Paz:    Yes, sure. He’s from where I’m from, so you can know I’m very…

James Roday:    Oh, I love him. I love him. Send him a text or something. Tell him that he’s got to man up.

Guillermo Paz:    Yes, yes. Yes. I’m going to do that surely. Thanks so much, guys.

James Roday:    All right, man.

Dule Hill:    Cool.

And then, when talking about Twitter…
Dule Hill:    Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. See, Roday, you would know about this like, you know, this following people during interviews type of thing if you by chance were on Twitter, see. But being that you’re not, you’re kind of out of the conversation right now. But don’t feel bad. You could easily join up at any time. We’d welcome you to the Twitterverse. We’d welcome you.

James Roday:    No, but I can talk about Manu Ginobili injury status, though. So touché, touché, my friend.

What do you think? Would Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili be good nicknames for Shawn and Gus? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more Psych Scoop.

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