Pineapple-Pillow-Contest-giveawayOk, so you know I am doing a lot of articles about Psych, and why not, after all, it is my favourite show, so if you want some prizes about Psych, probably you are too.

You can see what I am talking about in these special articles on Psych I did such as Shawn and Gus Nicknames, Psych Pop References from season 1, Psych Pop References from season 2, Psych Pop Reference from season 3, an interview with James Roday and Dule Hill I did, among others.

But now, it is about something else.

A contest to win a great Prize Pack from Psych.

The Season 6.5 premiere of PSYCH is only one week away! The Leap Day extravaganza, airing Wednesday, February 29 at 10/9c is SUPERSIZED so I have something special for fans!

What can you win on this psych contest and giveaway?

Psych-Snuggie-contest-giveawayHere is a description of the pack, valued at $100.
·         Psych Snuggie
·         Psych Season 5 DVD
·         Psych Coasters
·         Pineapple Pillow
·         Psych Silly Bands

How to enter psych Contest and Giveaway?

You have to choose the three best moments of season six so far.

To help you, I have this Youtube playlist compiled for you to watch

Watch those Psych videos and head to the comments to tell me:

On Monday February 27 comment with your third favourite video
On Tuesday February 28 comment with your second favourite video
On Wednesday February 29 comment with your absolute favourite video

I will be tweeting my favourite ones, so if yours are the same as mine… You will be the winner. If more than one has the same as me, we´ll pick numbers randomly to see who wins.

You can tweet your top 3 using #BestOfPsych and via @seriesandtv, my username.

How to get Extra entries:

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– Like this article on Facebook

– Tweet this article

Will you enter this Psych Contest and Giveaway?