Psych-lets-doo-wop-it-again-spoilers-quotesAnother episode tonight of the great Psych on USA. And in this case we get to see the old a capella gang together, when Mekhi Phifer and Jaleel White join as guest stars on the episode, and we see a little bit of Lassie love when he gets together with his girlfriend in another guest appearance from Kristy Swanson.
Even Rob´s Cheech Marin guests on the episode.
Gus’ college a capella group is reunited to create harmonized perfection. And to solve a murder of an inner-city hero. Of course Shawn tries to butt in as the token-white-guy in their singing ensemble.

Best Quotes and Pop References from Psych S06E13 Lets Doo Wop it Again

Shawn: We all know every black band needs a white

talking person. Black Eyed Peas has Fergie, DeBarge

had DeBarge, and then there´s the hasidic rapper

Gus: He´s a solo artist
Shawn: Yes, but it´s still weird, right, Gus

Shawn: Kudos on the Asian Lori Petty look
Tina: Congratulations on your skinny Chaz Bono look

The song performed by Blackapella was just awesome!!!

Shawn: I´m gonna spend the rest of my life in a bubble, just like the movie I´m writing
Gus: They´ve already made two bubble movies, Shawn
Shawn: Yeah, but mine is gonna star Jake Gylenhall

Shawn: You are my woman… put a baby in me
Jules: This is not the time Shawn

Lassiter: What happened to real nicknames like Mad Dog or El Diablo; Lil Sis sounds like a character in Family Circus

Lassiter: I am not gonna discuss police work with you and the Pips

Lassiter: On the other hand, you and the O´Jays maybe onto something

Lassiter: You watch your mouth Barry White, that´s my lady

Lassiter: Meanwhile, you, wind and fire, stay out of my way

Shawn: Look at it this way. I´m finally using this thing other than to play Fruit Ninja

Drake: Black guys don´t make it out in the movies in these situations alive
Shawn: Oh, don´t be ridiculous, Drake, LL Cool J survived Michael Myers, Great White Sharks and Queen Latifah
Drake: Holiday wasn´t a horror movie
Shawn: It wasn´t?

Gus: iPad Shawn is not braver than real Shawn

Shawn: It´s either a Burmese Tiger or Sandra Bernhart sitting on a sprinkler

Lassiter: Since when are you in charge Guster?

Shawn: Don´t you dare go Elephant Man on me Gus

Lassiter: Luckily I´m wearing my probable cause door kicking shoes

Shawn: Gus would you be a man! Be a Man!

Woody: You might have thought Chewbacca shot him

Shawn: Is it Prince Marky D from the Fat Boys?

Deacon: I was on a banana sled with you
Shawn: Feel the feel baby, feel the feel

Psych Nicknames on the episode

Shawn: Skinny Chaz Bono, Guy on the screen I think I met once, iPad Shawn

You can check the rest of the aliases and nicknames for all characters of Psych too.

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