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Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
sarah please no damon has to get outt,,,,, and so does stefan and elana
sarah if u read the books ull kno its nothin like the tv series...
Guillermo Paz onto Fringe, Spoilers
Fringe Spoiler: Who is dying on Fringe Season Finale? [...] season finale of Fringe is [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Dexter, Spoilers
ravi Season 4 left me wounded. It felt like I was the one losing Rita. Something so intense will seem wasteful if she returns. Her appearances in season 5 may very well be limited to a brief re-enactment of the her ultimate parting. The producer says she's out, rumors based on her contractual arrangement suggest otherwise. Perhaps she is. For how long though remains to be seen (no pun intended). The team still have Paul's parents up their sleeve, and given Rita's death and a possible investigation into Dexter's involvement in the killing, we might see the two kids packing off to the old folks and Dex and Deb handling the new born. The grandparents (r.i.p. Paul), offer new opportunity for personal tension in Dex's life as they have every reason to become distrustful of Dex and drive a wedge between him and the kids. The latter having made a fundamental contribution to his evolution to humaness. Cross that tension, with single fatherhood (Deb's useless and patently nauseating - kinda wish she's be knocked off the set), Harry's persistence in his afterlife and a continued hunger for justice-blood, I'd say season 5 is off to a great start. Oh...and that talk of taking a break before getting back to the drawing board is rubbish. Go below the radar for a few months and watch your script being compiled, tweet-by-tweet.
Laura Lee I'm not sure that Dexter is flashing forward to the future when Rita's death has been resolved. I don't believe that the trinity killer had anything to do with Rita's death. I believe her next door neighbor whom Rita had a brief connection with may be her killer. The show never answered the question of where Rita's neighbors wife disappeared to so abruptly,leaving behind her children. And I believe the show made mention at some point-which was pointed out by Rita, that she witnessed many arguments between her neighbor and his wife, prior to his wife's disappearance. Dexter had a altercation with his neighbor following Rita's admittance to their brief encounter. I think there may be more to the story with the neighbor then meets the eye.
Guillermo Paz onto Dexter, Spoilers
xad 2017 and recently watched Dexter. Excited bout season 1-4 but after that pooof skipped thru the series and mehh.. Could have been better if Rita was around
Juha V I agree with Sami (Is this Sami my bigger brother, who introduced me to Dexter?). I think killing Debra would have been much better than killing Rita. Although Debra is important relative to Dexter, she doesn't create so much conflict and contrast between Dexter's daylife (as Rita does as a wife) and with Dexter's dark passanger's nightlife. I mean now Dexter is almost like any stereotypical serial killer: a 30-45 years old male without a family (except for Harrison), since Rita is dead and her kids are sent elsewhere. Rita and her kids were what made the show Dexter really Dexter. To me the show never was primarily about killing the bad guys or even about the code. To me the most interesting feature in Dexter was the conflict between two sides of his life. That is now almost taken. It just sucks. The show just isn't what it used to be.
Guillermo Paz onto Dexter, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi, Spoilers
Luke Wanker All you people need to get a life. All you morons fall in love with this lame series called True Blood but I bet every last one of you would piss and shit yourself if any supernatural being appeared and went after you in real life. As for the season finale the god who comes did not come. Eggs does get killed by Maryann. Sam escapes, Maryann stakes and kills Eric who came to the sacrificing event to sort of cause Bill's demise. Sookie in a fit of great rage does some atom bomb looking explosion of light and kills that bit ch named Maryanne. End of story now go cry in a corner you dimwitted fools.
Guillermo Paz onto House MD
petronia I was just charmed by how well that version of "As tears go by" went with the scenes. Like the best kinds of soundtracks, it gave more power to the images and will be forever associated in my mind with them. Great.
Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers