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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Meg I'm not at all guilty about loving and watching this show. I've been seeing so many re-runs this past spring and summer, I thought it would be cancelled for the following season, but THANKFULLY it has not been! I've learned much (and applied this new found knowledge) to my own wardrobe with fantastic results. WNTW - LIVE ON!
Marilyn I am also glad that What Not To Wear was renewed for its 10th season. It's one bright spot in a listing of many contoversial and oddball programs on TLC. It makes people feel good, and I hope it continues for a long time.
Guillermo Paz onto Maps and Locations, Reality Shows
» 10 objetos de decoración de interiores ideales para la casa de un geólogo [...] comprarlo: Anthropologie. Este negocio aparece en What not to wear USA, un programa donde las participantes van a hacerse un cambio de look. Aunque nos resulte un poco [...]
Sheryl Voit Thanks for the WNTW info. I shop in NYC about 2x per year and sometimes can guess what store they are in. Do you know this one? Emi/Season 9/ Episode 19... what and where is the store she is shopping in when Clinton makes a reference to "Scandivanian inspired prints." I cannot find the info anywhere.
Guillermo Paz onto Breakout Kings, Dog Whisperer, Psych
Psych Season Six Premiere Shawn rescues Darth Vader spoilers, quotes pop references and nicknames [...] and I can´t be more excited about it, since it is probably the best show around (at least among those never getting the nod as that); and also, because I had an interview with James Roday and Dule Hill where they talked to me about [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Casonia sade logenberry I do not want the make over but millions of people want it and other people think other people should have the make over and just rock it out completely and allow others to see the Beauty that is inside of each woman but on the other hand there are so many handsome men on this earth that the world needs to take a second look at and wonder what is under that personality and sense of humor and class.
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Reality Shows