We are going to discuss the Children´s Museum, located at the Museum District in Houston, there are several good options for your vacations in the city. If you travel with kids, this one is perfect for your schedule, and is also included in Houston CityPASS as an optional attraction.

Children´s Museum Houston Texas

Children´s Museum at Houston Texas.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz – seriesandtv.com

When you compare it with any regular kids museum, it will do pretty good in the comparison, except maybe with the San Francisco Exploratorium, which is bigger and cooler.

But anyways, San Francisco is pretty far from Houston. So, if you are traveling to this Texan metropoli with kids 12 and younger, I would certainly put it in my list.

Once you enter the Children´s Museum you will see a big space with several rooms to the sides. Those rooms are themed with the different things that the kids can do.

Inside Children´s Museum in Houston, Texas

Inside Children´s Museum in Houston, Texas – Photo Credit: Dayana Barrionuevo – dayanabarrionuevo.com

On the day we went, since it was a weekend, on a very sunny day, there was a lot of people in there, so you may want to leave it for a weekday during your trip if possible as to avoid the crowds.
Anyways, there are so many activities to do, wether inside in each room, or outside in the pool and water games area.

Among the activities for everybody, you can take a Virtual Reality ride on a rollercoaster with some broken rails for jumps, or a trip to space with twists and turns.

The coolest thing (at least for non millenials like us) was the Phone Robot; a giant, 15 feet tall robot entirely made up of recycled telephones. A very cool idea to turn technowaste into art. Thousands of telephones surely are there for that massive structure.

Giant Robot Children´s Museum Houston

Giant Robot made of recycled telephones at the Children´s Museum in Houston.
Photo Credit: Guillermo Paz – seriesandtv.com

As is customary with every attraction, you can find a merchandising store, with everything you would find in any shop, but themed Children´s Museum, as well as some toys and board games.

Some Travel Tips for visiting Children´s Museum in Houston, Texas

  • If Possible, avoid weekdays
  • Bring an extra set of clothes if in the summer / spring. There are lots of water activities your kids will want to do.
  • Allot anywhere between 3 hours to a full day. That will depend on your kids endurance… and yours.
  • If you can set aside a few extra bucks in the store, instead of buying that extra toy or branded cup you maybe don´t need, you can think about making a full day and go across the street to the Health Museum, which is another great attraction to visit while in Houston on a family vacation.

I hope this article with some tips to visit Children´s Museum in Houston, Texas is useful for your planning. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section, or follow me on Social Media for more Travel Tips and suggestions.