dexter-spoilers-isaak-sirko-dead-dies-dying-hannahTough break for Dexter this week on Helter Skelter. After he found something close to true love in Hannah, she almost gets killed. And just when he and Isaak are getting closer and becoming more of frenemies, he is also killed.

That´s not something easy for this new found Dex, when things were getting a bit aligned, as Debra was starting to accept him for who he was, and the big shadows upon him were being lifted, since he found a truce with Isaak Sirko.
So, why now killing Hannah and/or killing Isaak on Dexter? Is the show going for yet another dark twist? Who is going to die next on Dexter? LaGuerta?
The show is getting better and better each episode, and just when you thought they wouldn´t be able to find a new villain to top the previous one…
In the end of tonight´s episode you see that Isaak Sirko dies, but Hannah lives, saved by Debra. But, is she staying alive? After all she almost got killed twice this season.
What do you think? Will you miss Isaak Sirko after he got killed on Dexter? Do you think Hannah is dying next? Or maybe LaGuerta dies for snooping too much around? Let me know your thoughts. Also, follow me on Twitter for more Dexter scoop.