around-the-world-for-free-parvati-shallow-cordobaI already told you about Around The World For Free with Parvati Shallow, a reality show from CBS Interactive in which she has to travel around the world without a dime in a hundred days.

Well, the best thing about this show is that it helped me cross “being on a reality show” off my bucket list, since, well, I appeared on Around The World For Free.

How did this happen?

Well, let´s see, first of all, I checked on the map where in the world Parvati was, as you should do if you also want to be init.

Then, when I realized she was in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, just a mere 500 miles away from my house in Cordoba, I contacted her via Twitter (as you should do) and told her she needed to visit Cordoba, my lovely state. Later that same night she gave me a call, while I was watching a basketball game played by Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola and the whole golden generation from Argentina, so as you can imagine, she caught me off guard, nonetheless, right there we started the arrangements for it.

My girlfriend who is also my partner in developing content was away on vacation,so I had the chance to decide by myself! (strange situation, lol). Around The World For Free is a show who´s whole idea is that she travels the world for free, so we decided at my company (where we are preparing a great startup I´ll soon be able to tell you more) to chip in for the plane tickets and expenses to have her as a guest. First thing the next day, when she was able to find internet connection while on vacation, I talked to my GF about it and started planning the stay. It would be at her house, that is at least ten times bigger than mine, and much more comfortable, and in a beautiful next to the big city town.

The weekend passed by and Parvati arrived to Cordoba to take my life over for a couple of days and make me see the behind the scenes of a reality show.

As it is characteristic from my people in Cordoba, we wanted to show our hospitality, and so I had tons of things planned and thousands of people lining up to gives us a hand, but, being a reality show, it has such a hectic rythm that you cannot do everything you have in store. Not even close to it.

The first daI went to the airport to pick her up and then we went to my home where she could film the comments about what she had done in Buenos Aires the week before.

Watch the first video of Parvati Shallow doing Around the World For Free in Cordoba, Argentina

Then we went to have a traditional lunch that was prepared to us by Paula Massuh in CundeAmor, a great little restaurant where we were able to taste potato pie and some sweet treats.

Later that afternoon, we went to visit some friends at a non profit organization called “Un Techo para mi País” (A Roof for My Country), where Parvati had the chance to see the work done there with tons of volunteers who help build houses for underprivileged families.

Tired after that hard work we went to Dayana´s (my GF) house, where we were awaited by both our families (my mom and dad, and her mom and sisters).

around-the-world-for-free-parvati-shallow-cordobaAnother surprise came a little later, when we pulled out our “Cordoba´s got Talent” chops. My GF and her mom and “the everything doer” Luis prepared a homemade Bagna Cauda, and some Empanadas. But that was not all, my dad took out his guitar, and I took out the bass drum and we started singing some folklore songs (some my dad wrote, some very well known, and to treat the guest, some Beatles, some Kenny Rogers, some Take That and even some Lady Antebellum).

The next day we took off to show her some of our natural landscapes beauties and do some skydiving (we had to cancel it because the wind was extremely hard and wouldn´t be safe to jump). But we had the chance to have some lovely meal at the vacation residence a former president used to have, called “The Peace”. And then we drove through our mountains and valleys.

You can see the video of Parvati Shallow doing Around The World For Free in Cordoba, Argentina

The next day was saying goodbye and sending her off to SouthAfrica where the journey continued, but remember, you can still help Parvati go Around the World For Free.

And, if you are planning on doing a travel show, come to Cordoba in Argentina, where I´ll show you good times!

What do you think? Did you like my being in a reality show? Let me know in the comments section.

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And stay tuned for my interview with Parvati coming soon.