The official description says it all: Bravo’s ambitious new series takes culinary competition to the next level as 12 chefs compete in a spectacular race over 40 days and across 10 countries, hosted by food experts Curtis Stone & Cat Cora. Contestants will travel to a different international city in each episode to learn local cultures and cuisines & participate in a gauntlet of challenges.
Now this new show is about to premiere on Bravo, and it´s like Top Chef meets Amazing Race… you know you want to watch it, with that pitch, right?

The show features celebrity chefs Curtis Stone (I might add, my favourite Celebrity Apprentice alum) and Cat Cora to host and judge a show that will go around the world discovering dishes for the contestants to replicate and bring their own flavour to them.

I have a couple of videos teasing Around The World in 80 Plates for you to watch and decide…

Both chefs are good looking, so there´s that element too… they can make candy, and be eye candy.

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