psych-jules-breakup-shawnAfter Lassiter got married with Marlowe on Deez Nups, and the huge cliffhanger in which Jules fights with Shawn we are left wondering if Shawn and Jules break up or what happens to them… but cases and life go on, and now, in the new episode, called Right Turn Or Left For Dead Shawn revisits a case involving a mysterious Swedish woman and imagines how he’d do things differently at the start of his investigation.

As I always do when a new episode airs, I am bringing here the best moments and quotes and all the Pop References and Nicknames from it.

BEST QUOTES AND POP REFERENCES FROM PSYCH S07E08 right turn or left for dead

psych-lassiter-pet-dog Jules: Are you telling me this was all a lie?

Jules: I feel so stupid

Shawn: I love you more than Sid loved Nancy
Jules: I love you more than Joanie loved Chachi, kids love tricks and Bert loved Ernie, allegedly, so suck on that.

Shawn: What´s just happened?

Woody: Never mix vodka, gin, tequila and rhum. Pray for me

Gus: Dude, what happened?
Shawn: She knows
Gus: You told her?
Shawn: Of course I didn´t
Gus: She figured it out?
Shawn: My heart´s a wet toilet paper Gus
Gus: That´s disgusting Shawn

Shawn: True or False. You expected Erasure´s cover of Take a Chance on Me to be on the playlist
Jules: True

Jules: You are so thoughtful
Shawn: I agree, that´s my third best quality, right behind Awesomeness and Humility

Jules: Let´s hold hands and scratch each other´s belly
Shawn: I´m in

Shawn: Lassiter, I want you to meet Lassiter Jr, Lassie for short

psych-meme-shawn-jules-shules-loveLassiter: First of all, I don´t want a dog, and if I wanted a dog, I´d want a man´s dog, like a Shepherd or a Rottweiler; you know the kind of dogs whose silhouettes are used on Beware of the Dog signs. I´d want Hooch, not this sad sack that´s gonna step on its own ears.

Shawn: I´m gonna go all Constanza on her and pretend it never happened
Gus: That didn´t even work for George Costanza
Shawn: You know Georgie doesn´t have what I got
Gus: A mild concussion?

Jules: Shawn, how can you not think this is a big deal?

Jules: Honesty is everything to me Shawn. It´s the only thing

Shawn: This is Little Lassie
Lassiter: Don´t name it

Woody: That´s what we call a “coinky-dink”

Gus: It´s Swedish Shawn, swedish
Shawn: Huh, I thought swedish was like english but with an accent, like british or irish

Shawn: Siri, what is beeflod?

Shawn: What is it Lassie Jr?

Lassiter: Nice work Doggie

Lassiter: This dog´s one hell of a cop. Good doggie.

Lassiter: Maybe there´s a fourth victim. I liked it better when it was vague.

Shawn: I know one thing about women and that is they don´t hold grudges; they´re easy breezy
Gus: I think your concussion has just upgraded to severe.

Shawn: How are you feeling Quasimodo?

Shawn: This is my associate Jonas Gustavsson
Bartender: From the Toronto Maple Leafs?
Gus: Sure, why not?

Lassiter: Hello Mrs America

Jules: What do you think a Spencer O´Hara – wedding would look like?
Shawn: Seriously? I think it would look like an updated version of the November Rain video, up to but not including the part where it turns into a funeral.

Lassiter: Can you and your stupid hair let us in?

Shawn: Is everybody clear? I think I just blew my own mind.

Gus: My beautiful brain!

Lassiter: Come on Looney Toons

Gus: This is crazy, I´m out of here

Jules: If you are not a Psychic, you are a really good cop, maybe one of the best, right besides me

Shawn: I´m so sorry, I´m so sorry but I´ve never lied about the way I feel for you. Gus on the other hand I lie to him daily and freely, because he can´t handle the truth, about anything really.

Jules: I think, no… I know I need some space.
Shawn: So, what does that mean exactly?
Jules: I think you should move out.

So, are Shawn and Jules breaking up? Spoiler Alert: Shawn and Jules will get back together… but they are going to go through a rough patch.

NICKNAMES ON PSYCH S07E08 right turn or left for dead

Gus: Quasimodo – Jonas Gustavsson

Lassiter: Scarecrow

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