psych-season-six-last-night-gus-hangover-episode-spoilers-quotes-references-nicknamesYou know how much I love Psych already, don´t you? I told you that last week when Psych season six premiered.
Well, so then, a new episode of Psych is something good for me. How about for you? How about Psych S06E02 Last Night Gus, The Hangover episode? In which Shawn, Gus, Lassiter, and Woody the coroner wake up in the Psych Office having no recollection of what happened the night before.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Psych S06E02 Last Night Gus

Shawn: Please explain me what are we doing here as opposed to doing anything else in the world?

Shawn: Oh my God, you don´t care about Jim DuBois. You disgust me, you make me sick to my face

Gus: They are both for me
Shawn: Oh, you don´t have game for half of those women
Gus: Please, I got game

Gus: What happened last night?
Shawn: Strangely, I have no idea. Wait. Nothing. Weird, disjointed. My finger to eyebrow device is broken. It never happened to me before.

Shawn: Where are my Nikes?

Lassiter: Oh dear Lord, please tell me this is a dream

Woody: Yeah detective, I have feelings you know.

Gus: Ok, shouldn´t we start freaking out by now?

Lassiter: I don´t see my Ford Fusion out there
Gus: Now we can start freaking out!
Woody: Wooah woooah

Gus: Ok, If no one else is gonna freak out, then I will. Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! Did you see my car?

Juliet: Aren´t you going to say anything about the phone call you did last night? It´s kind of a huge deal

Shawn: What the hell happened last night?

Lassiter: I guess I´m gonna have to turn myself in
Shawn: Why, for spooning it up with Woody?

Woody: I don´t care if we killed the guy; I´m just happy to be a part of this, guys
Lassiter: Do not touch me again

Woody: Hey, I´ll run some tests and see what comes up

Woody: Guster, your cholesterol is literally high

Gus: I can´t help it Shawn, my body craves buttery goodness

Lassiter: Would you give me some personal space?
Woody: I would give you whatever you need

Shawn: I´m seeing a guy: He´s like a Swedish version of Jon Cryer

Shawn: You, Baby Thor!

Woody: Just so you know, me and this guy, we spooned last night

Gus: Last Night Gus had some serious game
Shawn: Yeah, I guess I owe you an apollogy

Shawn: Woody, you don´t have a cocaine problem

Gus: Maybe they recognize you from Children of the Corn
Bobo´s Donut guy: Maybe they know you from The Cosby Show Bud
Gus: I´m not Bud

Lassiter: There´s just been another body
Woody: I just got verified on Twitter

Gus: I need to know what line Last Night Gus used. I need Last Night Gus, Shawn!

Shawn: Last Night Shawn was all evolved and committed. Today Shawn is completely commitmentphobe.

Shawn: This was way easier when we thought Lassie was the killer

Shawn: Tom Wopat´s office

Henry: Shawn, I am not wearing any pants

Chief Vick: Does someone want to explain me what the heck happened last night?

Chief Vick: Mister Guster, we are happy that you are able to captivate the honeys, but you are on my time right now

Gus: Sorry Shawn, it´s hard out there for a pimp

Shawn: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Leeeerooooy Jenkins

Gus: Uh this dude has a gun

Shawn: Don´t worry Lassie you will kill someone sometime

Nicknames from Psych S06E02 Last Night Gus

Gus refers to himself as “Last Night Gus”

Shawn refers to himself as “Last Night Shawn”

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