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Guillermo Paz onto Heroes
I>3 Sylar Me and my family are hooked on Heroes people are retarted to leave a show just hanging like that i would pay for the DVD if they make the next season. Its something that brings a family together and makes a point and i would go through hours of READING just to read what happens. like why was it cancelled it has enough viewers or at least now it does right? Like seriously can shows just drop like that because if i was NBC i would keep it on for all the people that connect and come together as a family to see this show. I would at least WATCH heroes and give it a chance like why would they do that when claire EXPOSES HERSELF AND EVERYONE!!!
lucas heroes is the best series i ever watch in my life but when i took at a sneak peek at the end (*SPOILER ALERT*) i saw that claire jump off and everyone knew who they were and syler was a good person now i think so what kinda point of making heroes season 5 if thiers no more villians it will be stupid if syler become an enemy again like seruisly though also at the end of that episode it said 'END OF VOLUME 5' i was like waa!! then it said 'VOLUME 6' I WAS like waa!! so idk i saw it on netflix on the ps3 i got really confused when they said end of volume 5 then goes to 6 so thier is no point to continue its finish and idk y they said at the 'TO BE CONTINUE' if it was already finish (updated 5/29/12)
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes, Spoilers
Wasn't Me It wasn't the WRITERS Idea. It was Haydens idea because she said that the show touches on everyonee in different walks of life and it wasn't something they had touched on yet and she said she was very excited to be the first one to do it.
Series & TV » Blog Archive » You Tube video of Madeline Zima and Hayden Pannetiere lesbian Kiss on Heroes [...] week we announced this Claire and Gretchen kiss, and we told you it was a marketing move, in order to bust the [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes
Betty It baffles me that they would cancel Heroes. I could not wait to see this season and bam another excellent show cancelled. Unbelievable! Heroes needs to be reinstated!
Jones keep Heroes on the air!!!!!!!!! The show is evolving wonderfully. My entire family will completely agree when I say this is the best show on television. With all of the chaos in the world today, we need Heroes (the show), to help us escape from reality at least for an hour each week. I love this show and so do many of my friends and family members. If Heroes gets cancelled it will devastate so many devoted viewers. PLEASE KEEP HEROES ON THE LINE UP!!!!!!!!!
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Heroes
larry blackstock would love to be apart of the show
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes, Spoilers
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Heroes Mega Spoiler: Claire lesbic kiss hopes to pull up the ratings [...] already have Hiro dying on Heroes, they are already bringing back Sylar in full form; but the ratings of Heroes won´t go up, and [...]
Pulpo As you say... I don´t Hiro is actually going to die... but he will be dying (something will stop that death though)
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes, Spoilers
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Heroes Mega Spoiler: Hiro Nakamura is dying on Heroes Redemption [...] just told you that Claire Bennet will die again on Heroes, but that´s probably something you would have guessed anyways… She died every season so [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes, Spoilers
abnolleaw No way, this big guy is an actor on Stargate, and who the hell is Jace Hall anyway? http://www.koldcast.tv/video/2384
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Actresses, Heroes
Casonia sade Logenberry from seattle washington and saying to every one have a Delightful Wonderful outstanding day. There are Actors and Singers out there with a big Heart and wonderful souls who really care and who are there to help dig america out of the whole we are in and this Heros are strong and have feelings about what is going down around them and we have to thank the stars above for this wonderful thoughful people who take on this cause and are willing to fight for a good direction to follow.
Pulpo Yes, it´s for sure
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes
Tammy Dear Friends, Happy Fool's Day! A boy was walking down the street with his Dad and noticed a dog mounting another dog. The boy asked his Dad, "Hey Dad, what are those two dogs doing?" "Well son, the dog on top's front paws are sore, so the dog on the bottom is giving him a ride home." The son thinks it over, and then comes to the conclusion, "Geez Dad, isn't that just like the world today... you help someone out, and you end up getting fucked." Happy April Fool's Day!
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Cancelled Shows 2009: Heroes getting cancelled by NBC? [...] is not at all announced nor even close to be announced… I already said this about Heroes getting cancelled on April Fool´s Day… but this time may be [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Heroes