walking-dead-cancelled-renewed-season-fourWe always wait for official confirmation to add a show to our lists of cancelled shows of 2012 and renewed shows of 2012, but in this case, James Hibberd from Entertainment Weekly caught something that may be a big leak in terms of the announcement, as the website for the show launched the Sweepstakes to win a trip to The Walking Dead season 4 set.

Let´s remember that AMC´s website has already spoiled the death of a major character, so it should surprise no one, that this leak is also true, although, the network issued an official statement to clarify that such decision to renew The Walking Dead for season four is still not done.

The statement reads: The Walking Dead has not been renewed for a fourth season. There was no inadvertent pick-up of the series. Season three premieres October 14th. Promotional sweepstakes give-aways which involve prospective future season visits or opportunities are common practice in television. The sweepstakes rules clearly state AMC may award a substitute prize if the future season opportunity is not available.”

This latest announcement is what stops us from saying that the show is definitely being renewed. My guess it´s really a timing thing to get the announcement, as the show is a solid hit, and there´s almost no chance that the show won´t come back.

But, I´ll keep you posted. Follow me on Twitter to get the scoop on The Walking Dead.