castle-spoilers-quotes-countdownWe are doing some extensive coverage on Castle. We anticipated: Laura Prepon joined Castle as Nikki Heat actress Natalie Rhodes. We also anticipated Castle saying “Will you Marry me” to Beckett.
And luckily ABC renewed Castle for season four.And also, a new episode of Castle called Countdown.

In the second episode of Adrian Pasdar guest starring on Castle with time running out, Castle and Beckett must put aside their differences with Agent Fallon to avert a city-wide catastrophe.

Best Quotes from Castle S03E17 Countdown

Castle: Maybe there´s another way out

Castle: Are you trying to kill us sooner?

Beckett: Castle, I could use a silver lining right now

Beckett: I wish this was one of your books and you could re write the ending

Castle: I´m sorry
Beckett: Why?
Castle: For being you

Beckett: Castle… thank you for being there
Castle: Always
Beckett: Just want you to know how much… (she faints)
Castle: Kate, stay with me

Castle: There might be an event that would make it very dangerous to stay in the city

Castle: A panic would make this thing a thousand times bigger

Esposito: We can´t break him. Not in time

Agent Fallon: There´s a word for people like you: it´s not patriot, it´s traitor

Evan Bauer: I´m prepared to die for my country. Are you?

And that gaze from Beckett to Castle in the end… epic!

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