Alex Karev dead alive grey anatomy season finale shotOk, a lot happened on last nights Season Finale of Grey´s Anatomy, right?

A little recap… but if you haven´t watched it… get out of this post because it has tons of spoilers on Grey´s Anatomy season finale.

After seeing Reed die on Grey´s Anatomy, and Percy also dying on Grey´s Anatomy, with a nurse dying, a security guard dying… and Meredith and Derek´s baby dying on Grey´s Anatomy, what else are we left out wondering?

Well… we are wondering about Alex Karev… Does Alex Karev live in Grey´s Anatomy? or Shonda Rhimes has prepared another exit on a fan favourite? Is Alex Karev dead?

Head to the comments and say your peace

Is Alex Karev dead or alive?

You don´t need to worry… Alex Karev is alive… but, if you don´t trust me yet… let´s see

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Grey´s Anatomy season finale

Meredith’s voiceover said she loves it at the hospital — then, after passing by Mr. Clark (the man who’s been distraught over his wife’s death at Seattle Grace and is suing the hospital), she corrected herself and said she “loved it here.”

Mr. Clark continued looking for Derek and when he’d been blown off by a few different doctors he found Reed and asked her where Derek’s office was. She told him she wasn’t a tour guide and he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head. Hence Doctor Reed is dead on Grey´s Anatomy. Alex came around the corner to see what happened and Mr. Clark shot Alex Karev in the chest.

“If you want him to hurt the way you hurt, shoot me,” she told him. “I’m your eye for an eye.”

He turned the gun toward Meredith, but Cristina said Meredith was pregnant. Hunt made a move toward Mr. Clark and was shot. Cristina and Avery then raised their hands and Avery told Mr. Clark that Derek would die and he could watch it happen on the monitor. Derek flat-lined and Meredith broke down. Mr. Clark walked out.

Charles was still dying and told Bailey that he didn’t hurt anymore, which he knew was a bad sign. He asked Bailey to find Reed afterward and let her know he always had a crush on her and he didn’t think she knew. Mary said Reed knew because girls always know. Charles Percy died on Grey´s Anatomy.

Meanwhile, Mary reunited with her husband outside the hospital, Bailey got the news that Reed had died on Grey´s Anatomy, Callie and Arizona had a moment and talked about having “all kinds of kids.”

As Meredith tossed the pregnancy stick in the trash, Derek’s voiceover said, “And it’s not always in our hands.”

This is an excerpt: Author of this recap: WerewolfBarMitzvah

So… the big cliffhanger for next season is: Does Alex Karev dies or lives?

What do you think? Is Alex Karev dead or alive? Did you like Grey´s Anatomy Season Finale?