I got all the scoop for all the original shows and movies to premiere September on Hallmark Channel.

Love Begins premieres Saturday September 17 9PM 8C

Dates: Saturday, September 17 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C) and (11p.m. ET/PT, 10C)
Sunday, September 18 (1p.m. ET/PT, 12C) and (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C)

In the mid-1800’s Clark Davis (Wes Brown) is on his way to California to make his fortune in the gold fields, but his dreams of striking it rich are cut short when he lands in jail after a café brawl.  Clark strikes a deal with the Sheriff (Jere Burns) and Millie (Nancy McKeon), the café owner, to work off his debt as a farmhand for sisters, Ellen (Julie Mond) and Cassie (Abigail Mavity) Barlow.  The fiercely independent Ellen is skeptical but younger sister Cassie takes to Clark right away.  As Clark quickly proves himself to be useful on the farm, he slowly wins over Ellen with his honesty and hard work.  As fate, friends and family intervene, two paths in life become one, as love begins.

The Martha Stewart Show new season premieres Monday September 25

Beginning: Monday, September 26 (Monday through Friday – 10a.m. ET/PT, 9C)

Martha Stewart returns for an all new season of her informative and entertaining, Emmy® Award-winning show, the anchor of Hallmark Channel Daytime. The new season will find Martha featuring America’s hottest chefs and artisans and cutting-edge craftsmen, all before a live studio audience.  There will also be fresh looks at entertaining and gardening as well as experts from all walks of life.  Plus, everyone who’s anyone wants to come over and hang with Martha, so you’re bound to see some very recognizable personalities dropping by – because no one does it like Martha!

Emeril´s Table Series premieres Monday September 26

Monday through Friday (11a.m. ET/PT, 10C)
Tuesday through Friday (11:30 a.m. ET/PT, 10:30C)

The legendary and charismatic chef Emeril Lagasse launches his own brand new half-hour cooking series on Hallmark Channel, where he will be inviting groups of five very lucky diners to sit at his table and chow down on mouth-watering meals prepared by the man himself.  Every episode has a specific theme, from making the perfect burger, to preparing authentic Mexican cuisine, to putting new twists on old chicken recipes or whipping up comfort food classics.  It’s a daily adventure of the palate that shows you how to make good food the centerpiece of gatherings with family and friends.  Emeril will show you how to do it with style and wit, sharing tips and tricks he’s learned in his own kitchen that can help turn your home into a culinary haven.

Martha Bakes second season premieres Monday September 26

(Mondays only at 11:30a.m. ET/PT, 10:30C)

It’s the second season premiere of “Martha Bakes,” the half-hour series that finds Martha presenting a virtual curriculum that highlights the best of the best from her home baking collection.  Each episode looks at the essential foundation of a recipe as well as ways to transform those building blocks into 3 very special dishes.  The areas covered in the all-new season ahead include basic breads (multigrain to white and rye), soufflés (from cheese to chocolate), cookies (chewy chocolate ginger molasses to brown sugar chocolate chip — yum), custards (crème brulee, anyone?) and of course cakes.  Viewers emerge from every half-hour with not one but multiple recipes, all of them culled from Martha’s list of personal favorites.  If you watch daily, you can’t help but become a kitchen magician.

Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinna new season premieres Monday September 26

Beginning: Monday, September 26 (Monday through Friday – 12noon ET/PT, 11C)

The whole idea behind “Mad Hungry” hosted by Lucinda Scala Quinn, the irrepressible food editor for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, is bringing family back to the dinner table in a hurry-up world.  As “Mad Hungry” moves into its second season, Lucinda walks the walk by bringing in her own family and friends to show how you can make great meals using her “real life, real time” method.  It includes making chicken burgers and barbecue in her kitchen with son Calder, baking meatloaf with her mother Rose, and cooking chicken fried steak with brother Jim Scala.  You can have big flavors at mealtime using straightforward recipes and minimum fuss, you just have to know how it’s done.  And Lucinda is ready to show you how.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone new season

Monday through Friday – 12:30p.m. ET/PT, 11:30C

If it’s on four legs or has wings, Marc Morrone knows what makes it tick.  He demonstrates his expertise in the pet world daily in his popular half-hour “Petkeeping” series on Hallmark Channel, where Morrone always barks up the right tree.  And we aren’t just talking about cats and dogs here — though he has plenty to say about those furry friends, too.  Morrone’s pet care know-how extends to lizards, ferrets, water turtles, geckos, goldfish, rabbits, even hermit crabs.  From housetraining puppies to the proper care and feeding of hamsters, Morrone has it covered, interacting with veterinarians and pet behaviorists as well as owners to convey solutions to common pet problems from his lively pet shop on Long Island, New York.

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