house-spoilers-quotes-you-must-remember-thisAnother great episode on our favourite doctor on tv. House had an all new episode called You Must Remember This. When a waitress with a perfect memory suffers temporary paralysis, her older sister visits her in the hospital, which triggers high stress levels and even more health complications. The patient’s sharp memory proves detrimental when a grudge she’s been holding against her sibling gets in the way of receiving proper medical treatment, and Masters discovers that patching a broken sisterhood may prove to be more complex than diagnosing the patient. Meanwhile, Foreman volunteers to help Taub prepare for a medical examination, and House, determined to help Wilson get back in the dating scene, discovers Wilson’s secret new companion.

Cuddy wet and with a towel is always good too. Like when Cuddy was naked in bed with House.

Best Quotes from House MD S07E12 – You Must Remember This

House: This is not a door to the logical sense. Also, shut up

Chase: How perfect is perfect?
House: Perfectly perfect

House: You are more concerned than I thought

Wilson: Yes, because of my senile patient´s grand daughter

Foreman: Medicine has changed in the last hundred years

House: For a second I thought Wilson had a drug problem. But this is much much worse

Nadia: Remembering things is not the same as understanding them

House: Masters, you finally blossomed into a woman. Have you ever slept with a man with a cat?
Martha: Sure
House: Wrong… and slut

Cuddy: Under House rules, it was not a lie

Cuddy: Leave him and the cat alone

Foreman: Kevin Spacey is Keiser Soze

Taub: This is not about Cuddy. This is about you. You are afraid of losing me. You care

Wilson: You planted something in my apartment to make me think I am allergic to Sarah

Foreman: You fail and I will kill you

Nadia: That mwan I´ll die?
House: Well, you figured out the bad news

Martha: Someone else should go
House: Someone else didn´t screw this up

House: Free kidney oughta trump all the rest

Taub: I know it´s cheating and I know I suck as a person

Taub: I can´t handle failing in one more thing in my life

House: Too fat, too thin, too desperate, not desperate enough

Wilson: Every coffee I order ends up with whip cream on it, even when I say no whip cream
House: Girlfriend that means she´s into you

Wilson: She said my coffe is not the only thing she´d like to put whip cream on
House: But is she interested?
Wilson: Hooooooo!

House: Bartender, champagne for everyone

Chase: You can´t forgive anything

Chase: You focus on the bad memories instead of the good

House: Remember me? Just kidding

House: I wanna hear all your dirty dary specific details with Jabba the Slut
Wilson: First of all, everything natural.

House: I´ll give you ten days
Wilson: Fine

Recap from House MD S07E12 – You Must Remember This

Recap by MikeSaros

Open at a diner. A couple is having dinner and the waitress asks the woman if she wants her regular order. The woman claims she’s never been there before, but the waitress remembers everything down to her shirt. This causes the man to realize the woman was there with another man and the waitress turns away in embarrassment. She falls to the ground, unable to move her legs.

House (Hugh Laurie) discusses the 33-year old waitress, Nadia (Tina Holmes), one of a handful of people in the world who can remember every single thing that’s happened to them since adolescence. The plan is to search her work and home for more info. House also mentions that Taub (Peter Jacobson) recently failed his pathology re-certification exam and could be fired if he doesn’t pass the re-test (he had the flu). This bothers Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) so House makes Taub pick a tutor. Foreman (Omar Epps) is the winner.

House overhears a patient tell Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) to give “Sarah” a kiss. Wilson tells him Sarah is nothing but passes on a happy hour trip. Cuddy tells House she has no idea who Sarah might be.

While Foreman and Taub search Nadia’s home, Taub says he knows someone who would sell a copy of the test. They find laxatives.

House searches Wilson’s car for clues on Sarah and finds a mysterious bag in the trunk. He is worried about what he’s found.

Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Masters (Amber Tamblyn) give Nadia an exam. Afterwards, House asks her about her clumsiness. She recalls that the past year she fell twice as many times as the two years previous. They wonder if this might mean early onset Parkinson’s.

House had discovered Sarah is Wilson’s new cat. He’s upset because he thinks Wilson is becoming a male spinster.

Nadia tells Masters her memory is “just there.” Her sister Elena arrives and Nadia isn’t happy. While complaining Elena brought her least favorite kind of flower, Nadia starts having chest pain.

Masters wonders if Nadia’s heart could be the issue. They plan a stress tes,t but can’t put her on the treadmill.

Cuddy doesn’t think House should worry about Wilson’s cat. He says after Wilson’s second divorce, he bought a cat and stopped leaving the house.

The docs have Elena in the room with Nadia is hooked up to the machines in the hopes she will get worked up again. When nothing happens, Chase sends Masters in there and has her bring up a bad memory, when Elena accidentally hit Nadia with her car. Nadia becomes furious and her heart rate goes through the roof.

Foreman comes to Taub’s hotel room to study. Taub continues to procrastinate and Foreman eventually leaves.

In the hall, Elena tells Masters that Nadia has banned her from the room. She says her sister never lets anything go. When Masters says she tried to get them mad at each other on purpose, Elena is even angrier. When Masters returns to the room, she smells Nadia’s breath and can determine her kidneys are failing.

House tells Foreman if Taub doesn’t pass the test, he’ll be in charge of the team’s insurance forms. The plan for Nadia is dialysis.

Wilson has been sneezing at home. He realizes House has planted something in the apartment to make him think he’s overreacting. House makes him promise to join him for a boys night out.

Nadia has trouble breathing during dialysis.

Taub and Foreman study at Foreman’s place.

House figures out Nadia is allergic to the dialysis. This means she has some sort of auto immune disease and will die soon without a transplant.

The only hope for Nadia seems to be Elena. They start to discuss that Nadia seems to keep score of every memory and see if people are objectively good or bad for her. House puts Master in charge of seeing if she’ll donate.

Elena pretty quickly agrees to donate one of her kidneys.

Taub admits to Foreman during a study break. He didn’t have the flu when he failed his first test — “I just choked.” He got a perfect score when he first took his boards and was nervous about not measuring up.

The surgery goes well but as Chase wakes up Nadia from the anesthesia, she begins seizing.

The team has no real answers right now about Nadia’s condition. The next step is to look at her blood and House is curious to learn if Nadia thanks her sister.

After a 54 percent on a practice test, Taub starts to panic. Foreman tries to pump him but ultimately Taub buys the test copy.

Nadia doesn’t feel great as they work on resolving the clots. She asks to see her sister.

Wilson spots a Barista from his local place at the bar. She’s always been nice to him and he goes to talk to her. The two leave together. House is so happy he buys the room champagne.

Nadia thanks Elena for saving her life. Elena tells her sister she loves her and the conversation starts well. But quickly Nadia flashes back to the car accident and starts getting upset. She cries and says “I can’t do this.”

In the hall, Chase points out the reason she is in the diner away from her friends and family is because she can’t forgive anyone. “I don’t have a choice,” she says. She starts having involuntary hand twitches.

Cuddy figures out House feels guilty he’s not alone and Wilson is. Foreman calls with the hand twitch info, which rules out the clotting disorder. When Foreman makes a comment about puzzles, House heads to the hospital.

In Nadia’s room, House asks her a few questions and figures out she is OCD. Her way of filtering the OCD is doing puzzles and holding memories. She has a genetic disorder which affects the blood, heart and brain and has no cure. She will probably only live 20 more years.

Taub gives Foreman his TV and this leads to a discussion of him moving in while he looks for a new place.

Chase tells Nadia she can take SSRIs, drugs which can help OCD. In her case, they will give her a normal memory. She responds her memory is the only thing making her special. He says she’ll have to choose between being special and being alone.

Wilson admits to House that he choked with the Barista and just walked her to her car. He says he’s just not ready to get out there. House allows him ten days.

We see a montage which includes Nadia taking the drugs.

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