how-i-met-your-mother-quotes-s06e10-blitzgiving-himymThe funny as hell sitcom came back with another episode, in this case with guest stars Jennifer Morrison and Jorge Garcia. When Ted leaves the bar early to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for his friends, the gang winds up partying all night with The Blitz, an old friend from college who has bad luck. As a result, Ted is forced to spend Thanksgiving with Zoey.

Quotes from How I Met Your Mother S06E10 Blitzgiving

Steve: Aw Man!

Marshall: Leave early. Don´t blame us if you become the Blitz

Robin: Hey, mornin´ Blitz
Ted: Aw Man

Ted: What´s “The Gentlemen”?
Lily: Oh, you had to be there “The Blitz”
Ted: I´m not The Blitz

Ted: Zoe?
Zoe: Mornin´Blitz

Ted: How could you. My best friends in the world, hang out with my mortal enemy and let her sleep in the tub where I

clean myself

Ted: Finish the story Red

Zoe: You are Lily Aldrin, the paintor? You are amazing!

Marshall: My junk ended up in some giy´s pocket. If his phone was on vibrator I may as well dryhumped him

Steve: 4 8 15 16 23 42

Barney: It was Legen… wait for Ted to leave cause he´s the Blitz … dary. Legendary!

Marshall: When you left last night, you changed the course of Blitzory

Steve: My name is not Blitz. My name is Steve. Colors seem so bright

Lily: Yes, that´s who I hate. Guys, we hate Kate Hudson

Everybody: Dance on the oven, Dance on the oven!

Steve: This is awesome, I´m part of this

Robin: Ted, you violated a dead turkey, with another dead turkey

Marshall: Random number guy just sent me his wang back

Steve: I´m sorry but I was on that island for what seemed like eternity

Ted: Lily, those are cartoon characters, and I´m sure you are making up episodes

Recap from How I Met Your Mother S06E10 Blitzgiving

Recap by jabell and Werewolfbarmitzvah

Hosting his first Thanksgiving, Ted wants to make it memorable by stuffing a turkey with another turkey, calling it a “tur-tur-key-key.” Ted gets up to leave, but Barney tells him not to leave because desperate ladies who’d had a fight with their mom could be coming into the bar. Marshall also tells Ted he doesn’t want to bail early, because he could become “The Blitz.”

“The Blitz” (Jorge Garcia) was their friend who was cursed because back in college every time he left a place early, something amazing happened. Ted says he doesn’t think the curse of The Blitz is real.

The next morning, Ted wakes up to see the apartment trashed, Robin’s face painted like Paul Stanley and Barney and Marshall singing and quoting “The Gentlemen.” Ted doesn’t know what any of this means. Then, he finds Zoey asleep in the bathtub. She wakes up and says, “Hi, Blitz.”

Zoey leaves, again referencing, “The Gentlemen.” Lily explains that after Ted “Blitzed out,” Zoey walked into the bar. They thought of ways to mess with her, but when Lily went to confront Zoey, she recognized Lily as the painter whose paintings she bought online. So they all ended up partying together, and they saw a skateboarding dog. They started playing “Truth or Dare,” and Zoey challenged Marshall to text a picture of his junk to a stranger, which he did.

She then asked anyone to shout out random numbers, and The Blitz (Jorge Garcia) appeared, shouting, “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 .” These, of course, are Hurley’s lottery winning and possibly cursed numbers on Lost, which also turned up on hatches and just about everywhere. That’s the number she dialed. Ted was shocked that The Blitz was there, but Marshall tells Ted that when he left he “changed the course of Blitz-tory.” The Blitz curse was passed from The Blitz to Ted. The Blitz then announces, “My name’s not Blitz, my name is Steve!” THen he hugs Ted and says, “Thank you, Blitz.”

Ted is still mad that everyone befriended his worst enemy. He reminds Lily of how many people he’s hated for her. Still, he has a tur-tur-key-key to make. He goes to preheat the oven, but it’s broken because Robin danced on its open door the night before.

They also used up all of Ted’s butter greasing up Lily so they could see how far they could slide her down the hall. She reached 4G.

The gang sets out to find another oven. Barney’s isn’t real, Marshall and Lily’s place stinks because there was an explosion at the sewage treatment plant, and Steve keeps his cat litter box in his oven. Lily says there’s one more option: Zoey invited them to her house for Thanksgiving because her husband spends Thanksgiving with his daughter Hannah, and she even invited Ted. He refuses.

They realize that Barney, who was having trouble breathing in the crowded cab, has left and taken his own cab. He’s telling the cab driver the story of how Ted became The Blitz and the cabbie suggests to Barney that he’s now The Blitz because he left the group. He tells him to step on it.

When the gang arrives at Zoey’s building, they tell Barney he just missed an amazing event, where they became part of the Thanksgiving Day parade and Ted sang “Twist and Shout” on one of the floats. Ted confirms for Barney that he is now, in fact, The Blitz.

Zoey answers there door as she and Ted share an icy intro. Marshall is alarmed when he gets a text from the number he’d texted the picture of his junk to. It’s a return “wang,” and Lily calls it a “Boomer-wang.”

Barney has to leave the room, but he’s worried he’ll miss something. Steve assures him he can leave the room, he just can’t leave the building. Barney walks into the kitchen and Steve decided to test the theory by flipping a quarter onto the coffee table, and it stands perfectly on one edge. Barney missed it. Steve apologizes for duping Barney, but says he wants to see cool things.

“I was on that island for what seems like eternity,” Steve says (keep in mind, this is Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley on “Lost”). “I want to enjoy things on the other side.”

Ted and Zoey face off and trade insults, and Ted tells the group she’ll never be friends with her. Robin texts “Wang Guy” to ask him if enemies can become friends. Wang Guy responds by saying yes and quoting Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Ted heads for the kitchen and accidentally bumps into Zoey, spilling cranberry sauce all over her white sweater. Ted refers to Zoey as Cinderella’s evil stepmother. Zoey gets mad and kicks them all out. They leave, but realize that Barney isn’t with them.

We see Barney sitting, dejected, on Zoey’s couch, and she doesn’t notice him while she walks behind the couch and takes her sweater off. Barney doesn’t see this, either.

In the cab on the way home, Lily reveals something she stole from Zoey’s house, a gift to Hannah from Zoey. Ted then remembers references Zoey made to her husband’s daughter and feels bad about his “evil stepmother” comment. He tells them they have to go back.

They’re all sitting at Zoey’s table when she emerges from a room with a new sweater on. Barney let them in, and she reveals that she was walking around half-naked, which Barney missed.

Ted tells Zoey he’s sorry her stepdaughter didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with her. She admits that Hannah hates her guts. Ted tells Zoey that she might get to spend the next Thanksgiving with Hannah because “people don’t stay enemies forever.” He tells the kids that’s how he and Zoey became friends.

Before they eat, they decide to send a group picture to Wang Guy.

Steve gets up light some candles, and just ask Barney looks away, Steve tips over some books on the mantle, which has a domino effect, knocking over a few more things until a decorative ball falls off the edge of the mantle and hits a cane, which flips a top hat into the air and right into the tur-tur-key-key.

“The gentlemen!” everyone shouts. Barney missed it.

At the end of the night, Barney and Steve head toward the elevator, but Steve turns around because he forgot his jacket. Barney gets inside and he’s followed by an attractive woman in an evening gown. Her dress gets stuck in the elevator doors as they close and we hear it tear, Barney shouts, “Thank you, God!” And Steve is left, saying, “Aww, man!”

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