how-i-met-your-mother-s07e11-rebound-girl-spoilers-quotesAnother episode of How I Met Your Mother, and a shocking one I might add. If you haven´t watched it yet and don´t wat to be spoiled, beware of this article.

In this episode of HIMYM called The Rebound Girl, Ted and Barney discuss making a life-changing decision together, and Robin tries to discourage Marshall and Lily from moving to Long Island.

Best Quotes and Spoiler Moments from How I Met Your Mother S07E11 The Rebound Girl

Lily: Can we at least do it in the fake bed
Marshall: You know I´m embarassed you even had to ask

Marshall: We´ll take it
Lily: We can´t take it, we are the ones selling it

Are Marshall and Lily moving to Long Island?

Ted, Voice on Off: When they came back to New York, it happened what happens to all New Yorkers that come back. Their big apartment, shrunk.

Marshall: Ok, after Thanksgiving I´m cutting out carbs

Ted: Hey, are you alright?
Barney: Why wouldn´t I be alright? Barney is single again. It´s what America has been clamoring for

Barney: You know what´d be great?
Ted: Being gay
Barney: Being gay
Ted: Word. It would kick ass. Guys understand each other

Barney: I wish men could have children of their own. Like seahorses!

Ted: Maybe we should start a family together

Lily: If there were cockroaches they respected us enough as to sneak around

So, are Barney and Ted adopting a kid together?

Barney: We are having a baby!
Ted: Bro parents activate!

Ted on off: Barney and I were going through a tough stress

Ted: This is why Broparenting works!

Ernie Hudson: Who ya gonna call?

Marshall: Ernie Hudson is a coward

Ted: We get a nanny
Barney: Dibs on the nanny
Ted: No, no banging the nanny
Barney: Ted, please do not dig in this whole no bnaging the nanny policy
Ted: Ok, then we get two nannys. One for banging, one for child care

Barney: Daddy´s home
Ted: Barney, where did you get that baby?

Ted: Do you have a baby guy? The guy guy got you a baby guy?

Barney: Ted and I have a baby. Guys, this is Hurricane Stinson Mosby
Marshall: You named the baby Hurricane? That´s awes… ultimately inconsiderate to the child who has to live with that name.

Lily: How the hell does Barney have a baby?
Ted: No idea, I´m super confused. I´m finding the best is just to go with it. She´s super cute though

Ted: I´ve been ready to meet someone to start a family with for a long time now and I keep not meeting her. Barney is one of my best friends in the world, we rarely fight, and once we iron out the whole pet cobra thing we will be amazing dads

Barney: Are we still friends?
Robin: I guess so

Barney: Can you imagin me, being someone´s dad?
Robin: I´m pregnant

Robin is pregnant of Barney´s baby! Or Robin is pregnant of Kevin´s baby? It´s time to theorize. I think Robin is pregnant with Barney´s baby, and therefore, Robin is the wife of Barney in the wedding´s episode.

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