pretty-little-liars-spoilers-quote-recap-if-at-first-you-dont-succeed-lie-lie-againAnd the awaited moment for all the Pretty Little Liars fans finally came! When Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode, the girls try to resume a sense of normalcy in their lives, but even the simple tasks of dating and extra-circular activities meet with strife. Emily must deal with a jealous teammate who is threatened by Emily’s return to the pool, as Aria and Ezra plan their first date out in the open. And Hanna is still stuck playing “A’s” game, but the next hurdle might just have complications for another Liar. With “A” pulling the strings and making matters worse, will the girls be able to weather the storm and lie their way out of it, or will they have to face the ugly truths? Meanwhile, Spencer turns to Ali’s brother, Jason, for information about the night they believe Alison died, only to have to face part of her unpleasant past with Ali.

What is it with the Marins and putting the money in food boxes?

Lindsey Shaw, joined the cast as Paige. It´s refreshing to get 10 things I hate about you alum on the show, but I really do not like her new hair style.

Best Quotes from Pretty Little Liars S01E15 – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again Spoilers

pretty-little-liars-ezra-aria-kissSpencer: We know the shadow was Ian

Hannah: Have you been up all night? One eye is bigger than the other.

Ashley Marin: Mrs Potter made an appointment to see me this week. The lender on the unauthorized loan

Hannah: What are we gonna do?
Ashley: You are going to go to school

Spencer: The guy doesn´t know the difference between a Monet and a Mojito

Aria: I really wish you called him Ezra

Aria: What do you think of my work so far?
Ezra: Outstanding

A: Wanna help Mama get $$$? Show Aria´s mom what her kid´s been hiding

Paige: You break any more records we´ll have to test you for doping

Paige: We all know what team you really play for
Emily: You know what Paige? You´ll have to suck it up. If you wanna beat me, work harder

Hannah: I have homework
Aria: Homework? What subject is more important than your cuticules?

Aria: I can deal with the world throwing me curve balls. But if they are going to start coming from my best friend, I have a problem

Hannah: I just don´t want to see you get hurt
Aria: He´s not the one that´s hurting me

Caleb: Whoa, you are stalking me
Hannah: Yeah, I can´t get enough of that konckout cologne

Hannah: Don´t talk about the Biebs, ok, you don´t the Biebs, you don´t understand the Biebs or his hair

Aria: Hey, where are you?
Ezra: You look good

Aria: So this is what a real date with Ezra Fitz looks like

Ella: Are you going on a date? Oh my God, you are going on a date

Ella: Have you been working out?

Recap from Pretty Little Liars S01E15 – If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again Spoilers

Recap by MikeSaros

Open with the girls discussing the shadow-behind-Alison picture and deciding it must have been taken from Alison’s window. The guess is that her brother Jason must have taken it and the plan is to ask him about it.

Hanna’s mother gets word from the bank that the elderly client she “borrowed” $50,000 from is suddenly asking for a meeting with her. Ashley tells Hanna she comes into the bank once a year so this is bad news.

Spencer meets with Jason who is in town “taking care of family business.” He’s not sure if the picture is legit and will show it to a private investigator and see if it’s real.

Emily is back with the swim teams and is kicking butt. The coach is impressed. A team leader, Paige, doesn’t seem thrilled that Emily is back and performing so well.

Spencer gives Arai tickets for an art opening in Philly. The plan is for Aria to spend a night with Ezra out of town so the two can be a real couple.

After practice Paige addresses the rest of the team. She hopes to be the next captian and hands out gifts. The coach cuts her off to praise Emily and Paige is furious.

Aria suggests the tickets/out of town date idea to Ezra and he loves it.

Hanna has been skipping gym class and is given detention. Caleb overhears this and makes a crack about spending quite a bit of time there himself. He leaves and Hanna opens her locker to find a letter from A. It reads “Wanna help mama get $$$$? Show Aria’s mom what her kid’s been hiding.” Inside is a ticket to the art exhibit Aria and Ezra will be attending.

At home Hanna finds her mother looking pretty down. She makes a comment about “not matter what happens you’ll always be my little girl” and the two are emotional. Hanna leaves the room and goes over to the ticket and puts it in an envelope for “Ella Montgomery.”

Paige corners Emily in the locker room, clearly threatened her captaincy is in jeopardy. After Emily denies any interest in being team captain Pagie makes a derogatory comment about her being a lesbian.

Hanna addresses the tickets from the school’s PTA and puts them in Ella’s box at school.

Later Hanna runs into Aria and immediately acts weird. She tells Aria it might be too risky to keep seeing Ezra and says she has a bad a feeling about the trip to Philly. Aria thinks Hanna’s jealous and gets angry.

Emily tells Spencer and Aria about Paige and the comments. Spencer knows her and says she’ll step in if Emily wants. Emily says no thanks and lets them open Paige’s gift to the team. It turns out to a be a “Go Sharks” bracelet identical to the Alison bracelets they’re all wearing. If it’s from the same store maybe they can find out who bought the fake Alison bracelet.

In Ella’s class Hanna starts having second-thoughts about giving her the ticket. This is confirmed with Spencer answers a school-related question and talks about standing up to bullies. This seals it and after the bell rings Hanna tries to get the letter back from Ella. But her detention proctor cuts her off and there is nothing Hanna can do. In detention Hanna tells Caleb that if Ella gets to Philly “a lot of people are going to get hurt.” Caleb gets himself out of class with a fake call.

Ezra surprises Aria with a limo for their trip to Philly. We cut to Ella, whose car doesn’t seem to be starting.

The swim coach has a sit-down with Emily and Paige. She makes a reference to anti-homosexual comments but Emily says it was just a misunderstanding.

Byron comes over to Ella and tries to help her start the car (which he bought for them when they were together). They think it has to do with an anti-theft measure and she’s pretty mad.

Jason tells Spencer his PI thinks the picture is legit. He tells her he’s not sure whether he took the photo or not because that summer he was pretty into drugs. He was hanging out “a bunch of losers,” one of whom was Ian. He says Ian was a master of pretending to be a preppy kid while being into drugs.

The conversation between Aria’s parents turns to the fact Byron had a date that night. Despite that fact he still offers to drive Ella to her art opening.

Spencer tells Emily about Ian spending that summer at Alison’s house. Spencer has an appointment to meet with an older woman who makes the bracelets in her house. She also tells Emily she was the one who told the coach about the comment Paige made. Emily isn’t happy and Spencer makes a comment about Emily having never stood up for herself with Alison.

We see Aria and Ezra leave the museum talking about the fact the artist was a no-show for the big openign. This doesn’t seem to bother them. They kiss and continue their evening an out-in-the-open couple.

A nervous Hanna goes to see her mom at work. While she’s there they get word the elderly woman had a heart attack and died that day.

Later that evening Byron drops Ella off at the museum. They seems to be getting along pretty well and she gives him a peck on the cheek before getting out of the car and saying good-bye. The turns into seriously kissing and she doesn’t make it out of the car.

Spencer visits the bracelet maker. She looks up her records and finds the purchaser was “Spencer Hastings.”

Hanna finds Aria in school the next day. She is all set to confess until Aria says she had a great time and it is obvious she did not run into her mother.

After swimming a few laps Emily finds her head being held under the water for several seconds. It is Paige, who is angry she has been replaced as the anchor for the relay teams by Emily. She thinks that once again Emily has gone running to the coach to handle her problems.

Caleb reveals to Hanna that he was responsible for Ella’s car from working the previous evening. She offers to pay him but he says he doesn’t want her money. She asks what he wants and he says “I’ll think about it.”

Ella tells a briefly terrified Aria that she went to the art opening the night before. But she talks about meeting the artist so it is clear she never actually made it inside the museum.

While looking at the picture Spencer has a flashback of a huge argument she had with Alison that night. Alison was basically forcing her to tell Melissa “everything.” Spencer is furious and basically hints that the four of them might no longer hang out with her. Spencer last words are “you are dead to me already.” Alison leaves out the front door and after a moment Spencer follows.

Spencer tells the girls that she shadow in the picture was her. She didn’t tell them originally because she so guilty about what she had said to Alison that maybe she was to blame because of what happened. Spencer looks out the open window to another open window. Jason is there and has been listening.

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