Psych-s06e11-heeeeeres-lassie-lassiter-quotes-spoilers-nicknamesPsych comes back with Indiana Shawn and The Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger, and the episode following midseason premiere is Lassiter´s centered! The episode is called Heeeeere’s Lassie and the episode airs Wednesday March 7 10/9 C on USA with the Guest Stars being Lou Gossett Jr. and Sara Rue. Any episode centered on Detective Carlton Lassiter so far has been outstanding, and I cannot say that this one is an exception. If you are a Psych fan, you cannot miss it. If you are not a fan… well, you don´t deserve a TV set in your living room. There, I said it.

What is Psych S06E11 Heeeeere´s Lassie About? Plot Synopsis

After Lassiter moves into a new condominium building and strange things start happening to him, he is forced to hire Shawn and Gus to figure out what could be causing the supposed paranormal disturbance.

best quotes and pop references from  Psych S06E11 Heeeeere´s lassie

Shawn: It´s in the safest place ever
Gus: Did you put it in the safe deposit box?
Shawn: Even better, a Thundercat

Amy: Like something like that can still be on the market

Amy: You are kind of super awesome

Shawn: My name is Shawn Spencer, psychic detective for the

SBPD. This is my partner Fellatio Del Toro.

Amy: Copy that Poncherello

Rosemary has a “baby”

Rosemary´s husband tells Shawn and Gus: Who ya gonna call?

Lassiter: You can run but you can´t hide

Lassiter: What the hell is this, Spencer?
Shawn: That my friend is Gazpacho. It´s very refreshing

Lassiter: Sorry I tried to kill you with my sword, Guster

Mr O´Hara: I was in Tanzania
Gus: Were you climbing the Kilimanjaro?
Shawn: Don´t make up words Gus… what were you doing in Australia?

Nicknames from Psych S06E10 Heeeeere´s lassie

Nicknames for Gus: Fellatio Del Toro – Eddie Adams from Torrance

Nicknames for Lassiter: Poncherello

Nicknames for Henry: Papa Bear

One thing left to know is When is Shawn going to propose to Jules?

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