Psych - Season 7Psych is going to be back in just a couple of weeks, and I have the privilege of being invited by folks at USA to screen the premiere of Psych and know if Henry dies or not, among other stuff that happens on the episode (in regards to that, I will only say as much as the official release of the episode reads), after Henry takes a bullet to the chest and is fighting for his life, a spiteful Shawn seeks revenge on the shooter and everyone else involved in the scandal. Among the guest stars of the episode are: Max Gail, Jake Busey, Kurt Fuller, Oliver Muirhead, Arden Myrin and Jerry Wasserman.

But what I could do is tell you about some other stuff on the show, such as some of the best quotes from Psych season seven premiere, the nicknames used, and more of the pop references.

Best Quotes and Pop References from Psych Season Seven Premiere: SantaBarbaraTown 2, Lethal Weapon 5

To start with the Pop References: Lethal Weapon and SantaBarbaraTown are both references to Lethal Weapon film series and Chinatown respectively.

Shawn: Here´s the good news, I´ve heard that 99% of gunshot wounds are psychological, the body is actually prepared for this.
Doctor: No, it´s not.

Shawn: You gotta save him, he´s my dad.

Shawn: Holy crap, I´m actually giving this speech.

Shawn: One thing before we eat though.
Gus: What´s that?
Shawn: Let´s go catch that son of a bitch who shot my dad.

Jules: Shawn, you lied to me.

Shawn: Screw you Angry Birds!

Gus: Oh my God, you look like the bird lady from Mary Poppins

Chelsea: I hope you are ready for the sponge bath of a lifetime.

Shawn: We do see Johnny Five from Short Circuit.

Jules: I´m worried you are gonna go all Mel Gibson, from that movie

Shawn: You remember when those judges from American Idol used to save that blond pianist who looked like Bruce Hornsby
Gus: Scott McIntyre wasn´t saved.

Shawn: I don´t give a damn about your Anthony Michael Hall peachy face.

Shawn: You care about me.
Lassie: Get out of my car.
Shawn: Your heart hearts me.
Lassie: Seriously, get out of my car.

Shawn: I got the greatest girlfriend ever.

Nicknames for the episode

Shawn: Shn-ace – SoupCan Phil
Gus: Grn Blanstestorn – Satchel Gizmo

You can also see the full list of Psych Nicknames for all characters.

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